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Has the pandemic made your child introvert? Identifying signs and coping strategies

With no outing, no interaction and increasing screen time, your child might have got the introvert instincts


With good news about the success status on vaccines coming in, we recently completed one year of the Coronavirus outbreak. If not necessarily a year, then at least it has been more than 8-9 months since the children have been at their places, surviving with the social distancing norms. While pandemic has been seemingly difficult for each and every community all around the world, people who remained to have had shelter on their head can be stated as blessed ones. But among them too, their physical well being was all ensured, but we are concerned about their mental well being. Wherewith the lifting up of the lockdown has been taken by adults as a chance to step out for work, people are at least protective of their children, the result of which is that the schools, community training centres, grounds, coaching centres, etc., are still shut. Children are often spending more than 4-8 hours of their day on their laptops so as to continue with their online classes and for their free time, they either prefer to watch television or check content available online.

Amid this , one common thing that can be observed in the children is their willingness to staying alone and not feeling like interacting with many people which can be seen as a common sign of introversion. Well, not saying that people don’t need space for themselves, but to make ourselves clear, prolonging of such trait can be identified as introversion. Well, we can’t really say that there is anything bad about introversion or even with extroversion, but according to Indian Express’s Report, according to an Americal study, introverts are likely to face more mental health issues than extroverts. Experts have contributed this to extroversion being associated with more positive emotions, optimism and resiliency, while introversion has been linked to more nervousness and fear.


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Well, so here to a make-out point, it can be easily seen that introversion signs might lead to mental health issues for your child. And of course, with no outings, no interaction and increasing screen time, there are very likely chances of developing poor mental health.

So, if you identify your child being extremely secluded from the family, finding it difficult to express themselves, keeping quiet, engaging more with the self-centred activities etc, then maybe you need to talk to them. Here are a few things you can imply alongside –

1. Ensuring meals as a family time – Make it mandatory for every member of your family to have meals together, at one place with everyone with no gadgets.

2. Ensuring an atmosphere of love and affection – Children often get frustrated if they see an atmosphere of anger around them. So, ensure that you make an intelligent environment of affection and care to ensure that the open up with you.

3. Schedule playing time with them – Take out some time from your schedule where you could engage with them in some physical activity or in some games and sports. Try to engage them creatively there.

4.Limit their scene time according to their needs – Limiting screen time will make them realize the importance of other avenues in their routine and they will make an extra effort in filling the empty spaces with some engaging activities.

5. Allow them to explore their creative zone and appreciate them for every little success they are making at every step either in their academics, their co-curricular or in their daily interactions with members of the family.

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