Has Science Benefitted Man?

The definition of science as a systematized knowledge of the external world and an answer of why and wherefore of things in Universe is both inconclusive and dissatisfying.

It is rightly said that science is a craving of mind and is the expansion of human imagination and intelligent in the realm of physical and material objects.

From times immemorial human beings have tried to understand control and harness the elements of nature.

In olden times thunder and lightning, storms and hails and struck a thrill of awe in his innocent heart and he simply submitted to them in fear and wonder. Gradually the dark recesses of his mind began to receive the glimpses of knowledge and understanding and began to realize the causes and aftermaths of the natural occurrences.

It was with the advancement of science and technology they learned to control natural elements to some extent and utilized them for their comforts and amenities.

True is the fact that the mind and its growth, is never arrested. The restless craving and everlasting yearning of human mind to experiment and to invent is always burning and demanding more.

It is his pursuit of finding newer and better ways to live life, that he is making inventions every day.

Science is surely the greatest benefactor of Mankind and has brought a new dawn in the lives of human race by drawing them away from superstitions and irrational beliefs and bringing them to a life explained by reasoning.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to express your views and ideas regarding impact of science on human beings.

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