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Harwinder Kaur: India’s Shortest Advocate

Today we are going to meet India’s shortest advocate who has not only crossed all the beauty barriers but also has become an inspiration for many. 

We have often come across this quote ‘love yourself the way you are’. But it is never easy to accept oneself with all flaws and flaunt. When it comes to external beauty, we all want to fit in that certain & specified beauty parameter.

•     Fair skin

•     Long shiny hair

•     Good height

•     Toned body. Etc

And there is no end to this list. There are certain people who have debunked all the stereotypes and came out stronger.

This has been proven by 25-year-young, Harwinder Kaur aka Ruby. Ruby hails from Rama Mandi, Haryana and stands tall as shortest advocate in India. Born dwarfism, she is just 3 feet and 11-inches tall.

Harwinder is a law practitioner at Jalandhar Court in Punjab and works under the guidance of District Bar Association vice-president Jagpal Singh Dhupar and also preparing for judiciary.

But this was not her first dream. Ruby has always dreamt about flying high in the sky and wanted to be an air hostess but her physical appearance crushed this dream.

While talking to a leading daily Ruby said, “When I was 10-year-old, I noticed that my growth was not normal and I was quite short compared to other kids of my age. This brought a lot of bullying and teasing which made me feel embarrassed. To shun all the bullying, I start bunking school and spent most of the time at home”.

Ruby’s parents tried every possible treatment for her but none of them showed any difference to her condition. Doctors said that due to Growth hormone deficiency, her bone length is affected which had resulted in dwarfism.

This news shattered her courage and she used to keep herself locked in a room for days and restricted herself from any public gatherings and also even thought of committing suicide out of shame.

Finally, Harwinder gathered all her courage and decided to face her insecurities. She got herself enrolled in a law school after passing 12th. LLB helped her to gain confidence and moved her to be a voice of people suffering with physical disabilities.

The young lawyer has become an internet sensation now. She has over 2 lakhs followers on Instagram and over 3 lakhs subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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Apart from being a criminal lawyer, she is a fashion blogger and a motivational speaker. Giving a befitting reply to all the pre-set beauty norms, she has been part of various beauty promotional shoots.

Sharing her life story via her YouTube channel Ruby says, “Those who tend to make fun of me, now share their life stories with me and seek my advice, those who took pity on me, now look me up as their inspiration but these thoughts never held me back. Because, there is so much to win and so much to lose in life ahead, we cannot sit back and moan over our failures.”.

With a huge fandom on social media, Kaur has become a source of inspiration for many. She is also an active Instagram reeler and often seen inspiring people on her YouTube channel. So, let’s take a sneak-peek of her channel.


Ruby added that social media helped her a lot to reach the masses. It gave her lots of fame and platform to share her story. In a very short span of time, she was swamped by all positive messages, wishes and blessings and mostly acceptance by the society which strengthened her to overpower her inferiority complexes.

Ruby’s father Shamsher Singh is an ASI (Assistant Sub-Inspector) at Phillaur Traffic Police and mother Sukhdeep Kaur is a homemaker.

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