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About Your Undergarment: Harms of Wearing a Wrong Sized Bra

Too tight or too loose bra, both are not right. Here are the harms of Wearing a Wrong Sized Bra

A bra is amongst the most essential items of clothes that a woman wears. When it comes to intimate area, the right bra and skincare are important. And having been dicey about the size, women often pick a size that is too small and succumb or larger than it should be. Bras are an important piece of cloth women wear and there can be harms of wearing a wrong sized bra and many women are not aware of it. In fact, many are even confused about what bra size is perfect for them. So, here’s a dose of information about bras and the harms of wearing a wrong-sized bra.

wrong sized bra
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How to identify that you are wearing a wrong-sized bra?

1. You are seeing bulges all around

2. You are getting bra strap marks on your shoulder, which means that the weight of your boobs is a lot more on the strap when it should be evenly distributed.

3. You are feeling irritation, redness, itchiness because of the bra

4. You are adjusting your bra, day in day out.

5. Bra Slippage

Harms of Wearing a Wrong Sized Bra

The most often cases of the wrong-sized bra are of wearing too tight bras. And for a fact, that case is the dangerous one. Tight bras can be much more problematic than loose ones. And here are the harms of wearing a tight one.

wrong sized bra
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1. Breast Tenderness

Well, there are so many reasons for breast tenderness and pains but the one thing that should not be a reason for the same is a tight bra as it can not just lead to pain but can harm the tissues. Tight bras lead to excessive pressure on the breast, and hence, increases the risks of damage of tissues because of pressure.

2. Sore neck and backache

Again, there can be many reasons for sore neck and backaches but one reason, that can be a justified reason for women especially can be wearing a tight bra. A tight bra can lead to uneven distribution of weight in the upper portion of the body, leading to poor posture, aches, and soreness.

3. Premature sagging

Wearing a bra that does not have enough protection and support for your breasts, such as a sports bra when running, or a bra that is just too large for you. This will lead to an unnecessary stretch of the fragile tissues, and hence, instead of lifting up and keeping things in shape, it will only lead to sagging of the breast and will make it even heavier.

4. Restricts lymph flow

Okay, so this is something major that is because of wearing tight bras. Wearing tight bras can really affect the lymph flow which is responsible for removing the toxins from the breast. Tight bras simply restrict this flow and hence, can lead up to storing of toxins and increase the risk for cancer.

5. Leads to poor posture

Wearing a wrong-sized bra for long can lead to poor posture because of the discomfort it will put you in. You might not be realizing how it is affecting your body posture but is affecting you.

6. Discomfort and heartburns

This is another thing that can happen because of wearing wrong-sized bras. Tight bras, especially the ones with underwires can lead to heartburns. A tight bra can lead to the upward flow of stomach acid leading to discomforts and heartburns.

So, this was all about the harms of wearing a wrong-sized bra. For a fact, a wrong-sized bra can really affect your breast functioning so it is important to know the right size and generously sticking to that only. To know how to measure the right size for your bra, click here (https://www.realsimple.com/beauty-fashion/bra-size-shape-reddit).

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