9 hard-hitting questions we need to ask ourselves during pandemic, because now is the time

It’s important to question yourself, because that’s how you find answers and become better

While coronavirus has created havoc in the world, it has come as a timely reminder for us to look into our conscience and ask some hard-hitting questions. While we are locked inside, nature is healing. People across various cities have never seen such clear skies. AQI level has decreased dramatically in many cities and people are breathing toxic-free air for the first time in many years.

This is overwhelming news for a few days only because things will become the same after the lockdown is lifted. We will pollute nature again without thinking about its consequences and its impact on human lives because all we care, is about our comfort. We will still thrive to dig more coals, oil and not take renewable energy as absolutely necessary.

Doctors and Nurses are being cheered across the world. Is it the first time they are treating someone? No, because earlier, we never cared enough to celebrate them. Health system is exposed throughout the world as every country is struggling to find beds, equipment and medicines. This goes along with the fact that we had money to build those big missiles and nuclear bombs.

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Well, while the world will keep fighting with pandemics and disasters, today we have found 9 hard-hitting questions,  we need to ask ourselves or it will be too late.

1. When was the last time we clapped for health workers and not just the sportspersons, politicians and Bollywood stars?

2. Have you ever questioned your government about the availability of medical equipment for patients and doctors or the availability of beds for times like these?

3. When was the last time you saw the clear blue sky and breathe-in non-toxic air? Who is responsible for hazardous pollution and what are we doing to contain it? What will you tell your grandchildren, why they carry oxygen cylinders on their back?

4. How often we wash our hands, I guess only before eating? This is a lesson for us to practice good personal hygiene.

5. When was the last time you cared enough for daily wage workers? Oh Sorry! You still don’t care about them. Many important works are at a halt because those migrant workers have gone to their hometown.

6. Have we ever taken Work From Home seriously, maybe now the companies will understand that people can work from with the same intensity? Also, employees will not take Work From Home lightly and complete their task with the utmost importance.

7. Have you ever thought how tough delivery guy’s job is? You are so lazy that you cannot go two floors down to collect your item even when the delivery guy says there is no one to look at his things on road. Now, you are understanding their value.

8. When did you question media biases, their propaganda and narrative-setting? We are seeing how media is presenting one community as super spreaders and a threat to the country because of few stupid people.

9. Have you ever thought of verifying the WhatsApp forward before believing them and forwarding them to others? I believe not, because if you would have verified, that message would have never gone viral. Lots of fake news is doing rounds concerning the COVID-19 on social media these days.

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