Happy Work Tips: 10 Effective Ways to Connect with your Team Members!

Connecting with your team members is an art and you need to learn it right away

Being a leader is not an easy task. One has to coordinate with the team members and the management. A lot of people try their best to be a good leader but it’s no child’s play. Sometimes it can be irritating and frustrating, but to go with the flow all you need to do is, work on your skills.

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To get the best results and make workplace a better place for all your team members, it is important for the leader to connect better with his/ her team members.

What all you should do to connect with your team members?

Although there are so many ways through which you can connect with your team members, but today we will tell you the 10 most effective ways to connect with your team.

Giving chance to everyone is important

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  1. Listening is indeed important: Best communicators not only speak well but they are also good at listening. It is important for you to listen carefully when someone says something. Make notes and try to understand other person’s perspective too.
  2. Always pass a smile or say hello to your team members: This is an obvious gesture but sometimes we get super busy that we might forget to mind our manners. Acknowledge their presence.
  3. Schedule Regular meetings : Keep office meetings at a regular intervals of time, so that you can keep your team members in loop. Regular meetings in the office keep the working spirit high.
  4. Allow team members to be in the spotlight: Give chance to your team members to be in the spotlight. Tell them to hold meetings and give info sessions. This will increase their confidence and will increase base knowledge of all.
  5. A personal touch is important: Ofcourse, a leader should never cross the professional line but sometimes it is important to get personally involved. If your team member wants any advice on a personal level, do not forget to give it.
  6. Do not hesitate in giving criticism: Well, giving criticism is a part of your job. But try to constructive criticism this will help you and your team members to brainstorm better.
  7. Handle Difficult Employees with ease : Every office has difficult employees whose attitude can jeopardize workplace harmony. As a leader you are required to stay calm while handling them. Talk to them and try to motivate them towards doing good work.
  8. Appreciate team members for their strengths: Don’t be a tough boss if you really liked someone’s efforts, appreciate him or her for their efforts.
  9. Be open to learning: Learning is a never ending process. Be open to it, and if someone in your team tells you a new thing just learn it.
  10. Maintain Professionalism: Last but not the least, maintain the professionalism. This will never disturb the harmony of an organization.

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