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Happy Independence Day: Let’s pledge for a better India

Pledge to save the earth by conserving natural resources this Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across the country.  It is not merely a day or an event but a national festival for more than 130 crores of Indians.

The Day is remembered for all those who fought for the freedom for our country from colonial powers.  People celebrate it for beauty in diversity, brotherhood, tricolour with liberty in the largest democracy in the world.  The tricolour will fly with people singing the “Jana Gana Mana” in all the states and Union Territory including Jammu Kashmir for the first time.

The freedom fighters didn’t give their life to see people of the country losing their lives in floods, living in scarcity of water, inhaling toxics with oxygen. They wanted an Independent India who is healthy and prosper.  Honestly, if they see us today polluting the beautiful earth, they might think that their sacrifice was futile.

According to a WHO report which came in 2018, 9 of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India.  Is this the today our freedom fighters gave their life for.  The earth is facing serious climate change currently.  India has been witnessing untimely rains. Thousands of people have suffered due to flood in Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, and Karnataka.  A few months earlier Chennai was in a huge water crisis.  According to experts, amount of rain in the May and June month was on record low which escalated massively in July. This untimely and excessive rain caused discomforts to many people.  Discussion on Climate Change and Global Warming is the urge of the hour.

Time to change the country has come.  On the 73rd Independence Day when our country has come a long way from 1947, let’s take a pledge for a better tomorrow, better India.  Here are a few things we could do in saving the environment.

  1. Conserve Water

Let’s pledge for a better India this Independence Day
Save Water

More water you conserve, more of it will be available for our coming generations. Only 1% of the Earth’s water is drinkable so we need to use the water wisely. Practicing rainwater harvesting, turning off the tap while brushing teeth or washing clothes and using a low toilet flush are common ways to save water. Reusing the wastewater from water filter for washing clothes, or cooler can also help us save water which will protect the planet and reduce energy consumption.

  1. Plant More Trees and Save Trees

Plant more trees
Plant more trees

It is understandable that with the increasing population, demands have increased which has caused deforestation. But let’s plant thrice the number of trees which is cut every day. Even though you know this, but just to make you feel guilty we will tell you how important trees are. We need oxygen to live and trees are an important source of it. One tree accounts for 117 kg oxygen in a year. It is said that two trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four members. They provide food, clean water and air, keep the temperature clean by releasing water vapour into the air by leaves. Trees also combat climate change, help wildlife habitat, prevents soil erosion and many other things.

  1. Say no to Plastics

- Let’s pledge for a better India this Independence Day
Say No to Plastics

It is very important to minimize the use of plastics to prevent rivers from polluting. Plastics are also one of the main reasons for causing artificial floods. Happy River in Indonesia is so full of plastics that you can’t even see the water. We could suggest you to avoid plastic bags and use reusable bags made up of jute bags and cloth bags while buying the vegetables, fruits.

  1. Cycle more and Drive less

Cycle More Drive Less
Cycle More Drive Less

Motor Vehicles which run on petrol and diesel are one of the root causes of the toxic air. Motor vehicles release carbon dioxide in the environment which causes global warming. We recommend you to use a bicycle for shorter distances. It will not just help the environment but also keep you fit.  Try to carpool while going to the office and use public transport.

  1. Reduce toxic waste in Rivers and Lakes

Reduce toxic waste in River and lakes
Reduce toxic waste in River and lakes

Chemical wastes from Industries, agriculture runoff, toxic plastic waster and overfishing is a continuous threat to rivers, ponds, lakes and other water bodies and life underwater.  We should take responsibility to protect water bodies from chemical water contamination by preventing the toxic waste getting dumped into it.

  1. Use Energy efficient bulbs

cflSmall-small contribution can lead to big changes. Removing all the CFL and incandescent bulbs from your bedrooms can save lots of energy. LED lights use 82.8% less energy than the traditional CFL bulbs.  LED lights to help in decreasing greenhouse gas emission. They are mercury-free, generate less heat and last longer than CFL bulbs. Solar lights are also a great option to curb harmful emissions.

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  1. Go Paperless

Go Paperless
Go Paperless

Use paperless options for bills, notes.  Print on both sides of the paper. Use PDF or doc file to send big files. Go digital and help in reducing excess paper waste and save trees. You can avoid notepads and sticky notes and use whiteboards in place of it.

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