Happy Birthday To Ladislao José Biro

Happy Birthday To Ladislao José Biro

Happy Birthday To Ladislao José Biro:- You may not be aware of his name but you are totally aware of his creation, the one which you need at every step of your life. Even you take that invention so granted that I am sure that you must not have noticed it. Well, that’s a pen, yes a ball point pen. This ball point pen is used so frequently by us and we certainly are not aware of its inventor. This one is the 117th birthday of Ladislao Jose Biro.

Happy Birthday To Ladislao José Biro
Ladislao Jose Biro


Ladislao José Biro was born in 1899 in Budapest, Hungary in a Jewish family. He had his father, mother and one brother in his family. Biro was a journalist, a painter, and an inventor too. He always got so frustrated after using that fountains pen because of its ink flow.

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Idea to invent the ballpoint pen

While using those fountain pens he realized that he had to invent something that could prevent overflow of ink. So, while working as a journalist, he noticed that the ink which is used in publishing newspapers dry up quickly and is smudge free too.

So he tried to use that ink in fountain pen, but unfortunately, that did not work out. So with the help of his brother György, who was a chemist. He got successful as they both invented a new tip which was much more potent enough to resist that ink consistency. In some countries still, this ballpoint pen is known by ‘biro’.

Happy Birthday To Ladislao José Biro

Ball pen also helped in World War II

In World War II, the fountain pens did not work with that consistency as there were higher altitudes. So they decided to use Biro’s invention ball point pen. That was a great help for them as it is able to work at higher altitude as well.

This invention was done in 1940, and 117 years are passed, but this never forgetting invention has changed our lives fully. We need a ball point pen in our minute to minute schedule of our life.

Thank you, Biro, for such an amazing invention!

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