Happy 70th independence day everyone!

Happy 70th independence day everyone!

70th independence day

Today, as this republic turns 70, let’s take a moment to think that are we really independent? The men and women constitute the citizens of this country; yes, the women! So as citizens the women can access the fundamental rights of the constitution too, right? Totally. So that includes right to equality? Yes, probably. How about right to freedom? Freedom of speech and expression or freedom to practise any profession? Well.. wait thats really not up to them- And right to education! No? No. 70 years of independence and yet we have managed to move only a couple steps forward in our ideologies. Self-sufficiency, self-reliance, liberty- these are the words we can connect to when we hear the word ‘independence.’ However, these same words seem to be distant dreams when we try to connect them with women. The citizens of India will be truly independent when the women of this country are able to walk down the street at night without fear of being grabbed or followed. At the stroke of midnight, when the world sleeps and as our nation turns 70, let’s take a vow to fight against the atrocities that don’t make our women independent.

Write-up by: Aayush Gupta

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