Happiness: A Manipulated Concept of Celebration

Happiness, An Overrated Concept 

This new era has got us some major money concerns. We live in a time where people do get influenced by social media, celebrities, and their lifestyles. Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and many more have places to celebrate their happiness which results in quite a good expense.

For example, the youth in India are now in a trend of clubbing, partying with no planned budget, which is absolutely fine in a way, but where are we heading? If we look at the extreme side of the idea, is this the only daily chores young generation have to do? Partying, night clubs are now a status symbol for oh -so – cool people. This actually distracts a person from his or her original motive. A modern night club usually features lighting, smoke machines, colorful flashing lights and moving lights beams. We are just not able to find the real beam of happiness and content from within. This culture of celebration has also become a network of illegal happening like drug deals, also excessive alcoholism and poor health status.

I am Happy – for the Society or for Myself??

We need to put some light over how people understand the meaning of celebration and segments of celebration. We need bookings to some lavish club, party poppers, loud music, grandeur drinks or just, a reason may be?

Celebrating or throwing a party is a way to get socialized but what is the use of socializing unless you don’t feel content from within. As the standards of living rise, things that were luxuries to our ancestors have become necessities to our generation. But just for our understanding when we are actually happy, our eyes don’t glitter but gets filled with tears. The lover of luxury loses his capability to work or strengthen the effort of any kind. His moral gets alloyed, the distinction between right and wrong is blurred.

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True happiness comes from the joy of deeds, the zest of creating things new. Let’s be happy with no added charges to it. Happiness is an ongoing process. It is not a destination. It is a journey and you need to choose your path wisely. Parties, social gatherings can give you instant gratification but they won’t be able to keep you happy in a long run. It is important to understand what really makes you happy rather than following the crowd.

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