‘Hanji Impression’


‘Hanji Impression’


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The Korean Culture Centre India held an exhibition on ‘Hanji Impression’ recently. Hanji is the name of a traditional handmade paper from Korea. Hanji is made of the inner bark of Paper Mulberry which is a native tree of Korea. The Ambassador of Korea,Mr Joon-gyuLee inaugurated the event. He said that he is very happy about the response of the people to the Korean Art and 2015 seems to be a very promising year for the same. He also said that last November, the Koran Culture Centre hosted another ‘Hanji’ exhibition and that was very well received as well.


The exhibition showcases artworks made of Hanji papers. The exhibition consists of works from artists from both the countries i.e. India and South Korea- Yeo Song Park from Korea and Sharmi Chowdhury from India. Yeo Song Park has had many stints in India previously. She runs an Indian Art centre in Korea and is closely associated with spreading the culture across both the countries. Yeo Song Park said, “People are my inspiration. Most of my work comprises of people from different background and roots.”


Sharmi Chowdhury is the other artist showcasing her work at the exhibition. Her work- ‘Korean Single Mother’- showcases the Single Mother living in the remote places of Korea and their strugglesin the society. On being asked what inspired her to pursue this particular theme she said, “When I went to Korea I found there are lots of single unmarried mothers living in a bad condition. When I interacted with them I got to know their feelings and the strugglesthat hey go through in their daily lives. This inspired me to work with them and get to know them better.” She also said that art and culture helps a great deal in building relationships. It helps people from different backgrounds to relate to each other. Art is a great leveller.


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