Halloween 2022: Gear Up For A Scary Ride & Spine-Chilling Vibe

Halloween 2022: Warning! Never Try These 3 Games Anywhere, Anytime

October is going to end soon and how can we give it a farewell without having a Halloween party? Celebrated on October 31 this festival is observed majorly in western countries. This day is celebrated in honour of all saints of the church. You will find most of the people dressed strangely and mostly in scary clothes, children asking you for trick-or-treating, pumpkin lanterns, and festive gatherings.

People believe that demonic energies are very powerful on this day and can easily enter our world. Therefore, lighting bonfires and wearing scary clothes to wear off evil spirits.

Some people may also like to have a blast with ghosts. And scary games are one of the popular methods to call them. So, gear up for a scary ride and a spine-chilling vibe.

Note: Do not try this anywhere and ever.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Have you ever tried the Bloody Mary game? For spooky fun, you had illuminated a candle in a dark room and chanted Bloody Mary thrice in front of the mirror. Did she appear, holding a dead baby?

If not then better luck next time, but do you know that the Bloody Mary was real?

Yes, the story of Bloody Mary takes us back to 1516 in England. Mary Tudor was the 1st queen of England. She ruled from 1553 to 1558. She succeeded her father, Henry VIII. During her reign, she persecuted many protestants. The reason behind this is Mary was a devout Catholic. She cannot tolerate anyone who went beyond her beliefs.

Mary’s life was filled with lots of stepmothers, an unloved childhood, an excessively painful period cycle- endometriosis, and a game of thrones.

Her father always wanted a son, therefore he married 5 times and declared Mary illegitimate. This added to her suffering in reaching the throne. After the death of her stepbrother who died due to illness at a very young age passed the throne to the king’s protestant cousin Lady Jane Grey. But Jane’s fate lasted only for 9 days as Mary’s supporters rose to help her crowned. And Finally, at age 37, she became the queen of England. However, she quickly became a popular queen due to mass execution and the burning of people alive.

Tudor also got married to Philip II of Spain in hope of conceiving a child. But Philip married her for political gain and not because he loved her. This convinced her not to be loved by anyone.

So, her luck changed and the queen was assumed to be pregnant. But after months of a wait, there was no child. And soon after a short disastrous reign, Mary died from ovarian cancer.

After that, Mary is commemorated only by a slab of black marble with the infamous name, “Bloody Mary”

“Charlie, Charlie are you there?”


Two pencils, a sheet of paper divided into 4 quadrants written Yes or No in each. Now, you are ready to summon Charlie. This is a very popular game among teens, and we saw many social media influencers trying this #charliecharliechallange. They often claim it to be true and say that Charlie responded to them when they asked him “Charlie, Charlie are you there?”.

Some people believe that tales of Charlie came from Mexico where a child named Charlie committed suicide as he was suffering from depression. They also say that Charlie was a God who joined hands with Satan. However, Maria Elena Navez of BBC Mundo said that there is neither any demon nor God named Charlie in Mexico. Most of the horror hails from ancient Aztec and Maya history.

What do you believe; do you want to play with Charlie this Halloween?

Elevator game- Welcome to another world

Are you planning a trip this vacation? If you want to visit a very distinct place then you can reach a very spooky place by boarding the elevator. How?

The game is known as The Elevator Game or Elevator To Another World. The name justifies its purpose. Pressing certain numbers in certain ways will take you to another word.

First, you have to press the 4th floor, descend to the 2nd, proceed to the 6th floor, and return to the 2nd. Ascend to the 10th floor and then return to the 5th. It is said that on the 5th floor you will encounter a young woman. It is advised not to interact or look at her. Then you have to press 1 to return to the real world. If the elevator takes you to the first floor, then you have to exit without even looking back but if it takes you to the 10th floor then you are allowed to enter the parallel world.

It is said that this game originated in South Korea.

We recommend not trying it. Not because we believe in this ritual but because there are high chances that you may be stuck in the lift for some time.

Therefore, do not try these challenges anywhere, anytime otherwise you may summon some creepy friends at your Halloween party.

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