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Half Girlfriend Review: Everything is half baked in the movie!

Half Girlfriend Movie Review is here!

Finally, Madhav Jha aka Arjun Kapoor and Riya Somani aka Shraddha Kapoor are here to entertain the folks with their film Half Girlfriend. The film is based on Chetan Bhagat’s​ 2014 infamous novel with the same name and someone who has read his novel should be safe because Bhagat’s fluff his own following. But we know it was not among his best works. So, Mohit Suri gives us a story, which is half baked.

Half girlfriend
Half girlfriend

The film deals with the language barrier. As Madhav, who has come from Bihar can barely speak English. He meets Riya Somani and immediately falls for her. Riya is from Delhi and comes from an affluent family. However, I felt it was the love story of a British Girl and a Bihari Boy (Riya’s accent was the reason ).

Riya is commitment phobic and Madhav is obessed with her. Riya dreams of becoming a Jazz singer in New York and Madhav decides to support her. But one day, their story takes a turn and Madhav’s half girlfriend leaves him.

Coming back to apna Madhav, he is obessed with Riya. So, he decides to search her. His journey begins from Patna and end in New York.

Vikrant Messy has done justice to his role. Talking about songs, Mai Phir Bhi Tumko chahunga is the only song that I liked.

Shraddha and Arjun are fabulous actors and have proved their mettle in their previous films. They could have performed better,if they would have got better script to wrestle with.

Overall, this film is only for all those, who are die – hard fan of the novel. I rate it 2 stars.

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