Common Hair Fall causes: These 5 mistakes are making you lose your hair early

Common Hair fall causes are so habitual that we ignore them even though we know the consequences

People call their hair pride and soul of their vanity. Hair which they have got either from good genes or from extreme hard work. However, it is very hard to maintain the blessing of strong, thick and shiny hair. Most of the men start losing hair from their head as early as the 20s. Whatever is the reason is for your hair loss, you don’t want to add to the troubles by indulging in habits that are bad for your hair loss. And Instead, You should try to stay away from those mistakes. So, today we will bust 5 common hair fall causes that you should avoid immediately.

1. You are over-styling your hair

Just the way too many cooks spoil food, too many hair-grooming products and too much heat also damage your hair. Even over-doing hairstyles like tight man buns can also damage your hair. If you experiment with your hair a lot with hair-products, we would suggest you to apply hair mask every now and then and get rid of one of the most common hair fall causes.

2. Not Eating right

Eating habits can cure almost anything. Vitamin B/Biotin and Iron are the most important nutrients that you need for your hair. You should try seafood, lentils and carrots are some of the foods you should add to your diet.

3. Wrong Shower Routine is also one of common hair fall causes

Extremely hot shower can cause serious damage to your hair. They can open up your hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Washing your hair too often or not washing them for many years can lead to obvious damage.

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4. Wrong Sleeping pattern

Sleeping routine is not something we all take seriously. However, it is very important to take at least 7-hour sleep. You should avoid sleeping with wet hair, sleeping on bad quality bed linen or sleeping with oily hair. It is also important to use soft fabrics like linen and satin for your pillowcases. These fabrics cause less friction and hence, less hair-breakage.

5. Sun Exposure

More exposure to the sun for long hours leaves your hair dry and strips your scalp off the natural oils which will then result in brittle hair. Either you can spray on some SPF to protect it or you can cover your hair for the times you are in the sun.

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