Hailstorm in Delhi on Feb 14 : Pyaar ke Shaam, Bemausam Barsaat

Hailstorm to make a comeback “Sab jagah Aati Nahi, Dilli se Jaati Nahi”, Kya? – Thand!!!

Yes, you read it right! Due to global warming effects, the climate across the world has been disturbed. India’s capital Delhi witnessed hailstorm last week.  There has been a noticeable impact on the capital city. The sudden changes in climate forced Delhiites to make changes in their routine. There are always extreme conditions in Delhi, whether it’s summer or winter. According to fresh reports by MET Department, another hailstorm is expected in Delhi on February 14.

Pyaar ke Shaam, Bemausam Barsaat

Delhi has been facing weird changes due to pollution. Global warming has a bad impact on the climate. The average temperature has been increased by one degree Celsius. There are extreme changes in the climate.

On February 7, 2019, Delhi and its neighboring cities experienced hailstorm. The temperature on that day was 15 degree Celsius, six degrees above the season temperature. Rains were expected to improve the air quality, but it worsened the situation. The present quality of air is ‘very poor’.

Problems due to the bad climate conditions changed everyone’s routine. Over 30 flights were diverted from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

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The struggle hasn’t come to end yet!

The same climate is expected to come back again for two days. According to research, air quality can further degrade in the coming three days. Light rain accompanied by strong winds and hailstorm will make this  Valentine a rainy day for the people of Delhi. The temperature is expected to rise by 3-4 degrees Celsius. The air quality might improve after February 14.

Precautions that you need to take

The weather in Delhi has become unpredictable. It is important to carry an umbrella. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated to keep toxic elements of the body at bay.

It is advisable to wash your hands often to keep all types of infections at bay as Swine Flu cases have increased in Delhi in the past few days.

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