‘Don’t Go With The Flow’: Let’s burst the Gym Myths

Some ‘Gym Myths’ that we should stop believing

People who sweat every day for hours in the Gym take a lot of time to realize that there are so many myths related to gym that needs to be burst. There are so many myths that are there since ages and we need to burst them.

Here are some gym myths we should stop believing

1. Myth – Muscular Woman resembles a Man!

It is always said that a woman who does weight training gets to develop a body like a man. It is completely unhealthy to believe in wrong trends as it actually depends on the woman how she wants her body to be trained and look like.

2. Myth – Weight Training gets you Bulk!

It is simply impossible to just train in weights and get bulky. For gains, people need a full-fledged diet rich in protein, good fats, etc.

3. Myth – Crunches can lead to Reduction of Belly Fat

Understand the fact that ‘Spot Reduction’ doesn’t exist in a workout. Stay away from those people who assure you a spot reduction.

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4. Myth – The Slogan says, “No Pain No Gain”

The Gym Enthusiasts will freak you out with this slogan but wonder how something can yield you well after an intense pain. Gym and Work out gives you mild pain and muscle stress but if it gets uncontrollable do not wait for the gain just rush and see a doctor.

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