Gurkha Janmukti Morcha continues their Terror in Darjeeling

Violent Protest continues in Darjeeling

From past few days Darjeeling is in a devastated and disturbing mode because of the Gurkha JanmuktiMorcha’s violent activities. CM Mamta Banerjee is standing strong against this mode of protest as it is giving a glimpse about the rise of another terror producing bunch of people who are always anti-incumbency and outraging their protest with a view which is similar to the rise of Naxalites in Naxalbari.

Terror in Darjeeling
Terror in Darjeeling

Police Raids in the Offices

The violence scenario got worst and went out of control when the police team raided the offices of GJM on Thursday. Student, youths and women wings of GJM took out March in Kurseong. The round of speeches and statements intensified this tensed situation when Suva Pradhan, chairman of Kalimpongvmunicipality said, “We will intensify our movement against police atrocities.”

The Outrage is Dangerous

The GJM councillor of ward no 16 from GJM got arrested, that made it more violent and the rounds of violent negotiations started, the stubbornness is looking as the root cause from both the sides the Government and the GJM.

The Root Cause

The statements that were flaunted were very much debatable from both the sides as Mamta Banerjee is in the thought to capture over the place with an authoritarian power and the GJM is not looking to step back on the matter.

The congress committee in Bengal jumped into the statement war as he said “talks should be started soon to defuse the crisis.”
The unrest of people is getting violent in the area because a positive stand of the government is not looking in the scene.

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