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Grooming essentials for the metro-sexual man

In today’s world of Alpha male, metro sexual men, and many men, grooming has become an important aspect in a man’s life. Corporate work pressures are building and the competition for that next promotion only growing. In real world, grooming helps you to get where you want to be and how fast you want to get there. Grooming is a big industry encompassing everything that one needs to walk the talk and talk the talk. So, how does grooming help you to get there?

Let’s start with where our head is. The face and our hair are the first two things a person observes when meeting for the first time. A clean hair cut that suits the face type is as important as how our face looks. There are eight categories in which most of us would fall when it comes to the face type- Round, Oval, Diamond, Heart, Rectangle, Pear, Oval, and Inverted Triangle. Knowing your face type can help you decide better the hair style that would suit you. For example, short length hair with no spike like styling would help loose the angels on a rectangular face. A round face would look sharp with medium length hair. Once you know the hairstyle that makes you look sharp, the next thing to pay attention is the facial hair.

Facial Hair is tricky to handle and like the hair on the head, they too need attention. The first step to show some love to them is to clean them. If you keep a beard, using the head wash shampoo to keep the beard free of oil and dirt is the safest bet and for others who carry a stubble, using a face wash or the soap that you use for bathing, works.

People with beard or just a moustache should definitely spend 5-10 mins each week to ensure it is well trimmed and in shape all the time. Unkempt beard and moustaches make you seem messy and there goes that the impression out of the window. And while you are trimming, why not pay attention also to the ears, eyebrows that may be turning into unibrow, and the nasal hair.

Imagine how ugly you would feel looking at someone’s nasal hair or hair growing out of your ears so distinctly that you only focus on them while talking to them. Once you sorted the hair business, your facial skin should be the next thing to pay attention to. Each person is different and so is their skin type. It is important to moisture your facial skin after a shave and after each bath or just a face wash session. Dry skin seems rough, reflects that the person is casual about how they look. To mean business, one should look business-like. With that, next week, let’s look at how we look!

Anant Chhibber is a corporate trainer for the last eight years and has been training people on various segments of corporate culture. He is an avid biker and has his own website and blog called and


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