The trend of grieving on social media, an unapologetic take! 

Why do we seek social media validation for every single emotion?


Social media has completely changed our lives. From updating our travel status to work status, we give out every small detail on social media. Earlier, it was meant for fun and reconnecting with lost connections. Today, it is a medium of seeking approval for everything. Yes! Read that again – Everything.  Earlier, social media was just a part of our world but now it has become our world.

( Grief on social media? ) 

We continuously seek approval for everything we do in life. Be it new job, promotion, marriage or even welcoming a new life in the world, everything has to be posted. Every like and comment matters. We are so much into social media that when we aren’t appreciated, we do get upset. But why does it matter so much? We don’t even know a lot of people personally added to our friend list. But their comments matter leading to the formation of a fake world. Social media, a fake world where everybody is connected to each other, but in reality, there is hardly someone to connect.

No Conversations in the real world: We know Kaunsa Emoticon React Karna hai, but we don’t know how to express our emotions

Real conversations have taken a back seat. All we know is – Filters, fake smiles and hollow emotions. We all know how and when to react to a particular emoticon, but we don’t know how to express real emotions. Back in time, people used to talk to resolve their issues and today, we just click on the block button, and we are done.  All this wasn’t enough. Now, another trend has been added to the list.

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Sorry to hear about your loss #RIP 

Grieving on social media is a new trend. And guess what? If you don’t join the bandwagon, you are considered heartless. One might hardly know the deceased person, but the post is mandatory. Yes, we understand social media gives us a great platform to pen down our feelings. It let us vent out our emotions. But shouldn’t be it a personal choice?

Consoling hug has been replaced by Sorry to hear about your loss

Someone who doesn’t want to share the pain or just wants to grieve peacefully, and not on social media should be given that space. Why does someone have to justify their love or respect for a deceased person by posting for her or him on social media? This trend is not only limited to showbiz but has become a vital part of a common man’s life. Be it Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Wajid Khan, Saroj Khan, or Sushant Singh Rajput. People pay their condolences on social media and expect others to do the same. #RIP is a trend and I have a problem with it. Gone are the days when people used to console each other. Meet personally, do you think writing on social media will do any good?

Also, sharing pictures and memories with the deceased person on social media makes it hard for loved ones to accept the fact. And what is most disturbing is if someone doesn’t post, they are bullied. Recently, TV actress Asha Negi also opened about the same. She was asked why she didn’t post anything on Sushant’s death. To which she answered, “Is it the only way to show that you are sad or upset. ” Earlier, Kriti Sanon and Nupur Sanon were also bullied for not posting anything on Sushant. Why do loved ones have to prove via a post? And why do people who didn’t even care when he was alive have to pretend that they are very upset? Here comes the Unspoken rule of grieving on social media. Because it is a trend. The harsh reality is, we don’t want to miss out on the trend.

( We don’t need to prove) 


Faceless People should have no value

Well, the question is who all are they? Why they bully and why it matters. They should not matter. Emotions are meant to be felt and expressed. We don’t need validation from anyone to simply prove a point. Grieving on social media is okay but it should be a personal choice, not a trend that has to be followed. In fact, if we keep sharing things of the deceased person, it could become for his or her loved ones to accept the truth. Let’s be more empathetic towards each other. Don’t wait for someone to die so that you can post on social media. Be it touch, not on social media but in person and that really matters!

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One Comment

  1. Simply superb and I must say that you have touched my heart
    Many people questioned me also about the same that why I have not posted any pi of Sushant and if I am supporting others
    I told them the same that to grieve a person or not is our personal choice
    You may look from one angle and I may take it from other angle.
    And yes some of the post are tasteless like I know some persons who were so excited about their marriage and posted a dozen about the same.
    Sadly within fee years they had to separate. Such excitement, emotions writing just because you have to click a like button to flatter someone are really disturbing.

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