Green Tea: The Natural Healer

How healthy is green tea in reality for your health?

One of the trendiest drinks these days is Green Tea. It is not only a healthy drink, but it is a natural healer too. If anyone has cough, cold or fever, people usually suggest having green tea or some ginger tea. But the point is, how beneficial is green tea for health? We all have heard a lot of benefits about it and it’s healthy for the human body, but do you know the harmful effects of green tea.

Green Tea and Health


• Green tea is beneficial for diabetes patients as it helps regulate glucose levels which can stop high insulin spikes.

• By the evidence from scientific experiment suggests that green tea has some anti-oxidants which are beneficial for metabolism and it reduces the risk of heart disease.

• Green tea increases fat burning and improves physical performance.

• Consumption of green tea reduces blood pressure.

• The study says that the effects of catechins found in green tea may help protect the eyes from damages.

Green Tea

Side Effects:-

• Excessive consumption of green tea can cause a headache. Green tea has caffeine and it might cause mild to severe headaches as reported by a health news website.

• Women who are pregnant should not drink an excessive amount of green tea. It can harm the future baby due to its caffeine.

• Having green tea in an empty stomach can cause stomach upset, stomach ache, nausea, or constipation for many people. A study on dietary supplementation with green tea says having green tea in an empty stomach can affect the liver too.

• No matter how little caffeine green tea contains, it is not a bedtime drink. It can block sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increase adrenaline production which does effect on anxiety and sleep.

• Caffeine can decrease the flow of blood to the brain which leads to dizziness and motion sickness.

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