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Why It Is Important to Have Attitude of Gratitude, Tips By Aashmeen Munjaal

Janiye Aashmeen  Munjaal ke sath, kyu aapke attitude mai hona chahiye pinch of Gratitude?

Aashmeen  Munjaal is a well-known name in the glamour industry. She is a celebrated make-up artist, who owns many salons all across India and also a popular name across the border. However, Aashmeen Munjaal is now leading a different phase of her life. In an exclusive chat with us, the Celebrity make-up artist turned Ontologist. She revealed some hidden Mantras of a magical life. Here are a few tips on why it is important to have an attitude of gratitude in life.

Being grateful is greater than ‘Thank you’

Most people live in this delusion that they are thankful or grateful towards life. Being grateful is far from just saying the word Thank you. Being grateful is all about ‘being’. This word describes humanity. Most of the time we describe thyself in terms of beauty, intelligence, or any other parameter. But are we grateful for every moment of life?

From here, the role of abundance begins. The universe is bided with a rule, that is, if you are grateful towards life then it will give you more. An ungrateful behavior will take back all the luxuries you are enjoying in life. Appreciating the little things in life will result in the magnification of happiness.

Your feeling attracts a kind of energy 

The way of expressing an emotion attracts the kind of energy in life. For example, being a parent if  you expect your child to study for 5-6 hours, and you are continuously sabotaging, or shattering his/her confidence, you are deflecting a positive relationship with your child. If your words reflect fear, you are manifesting the same future for your child. Gratefulness comes along with a blessing.

Gratefulness is not just a one- time feeling. It is an art that should be practiced regularly. The youth is involved in a rat race. Therefore, they never experience being in abundance. It is very important to keep a check on our words as well. Try keeping a positive attitude towards life.

What is ontology?

Ontology is a science that talks about quantum physics. It tells you more about the nature of being. Nature is made of tiny particles. This physics tells you more about the being and how atoms work. As per Hindu scriptures, the three main Gods like Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are responsible for happenings and non-happening in the world. However, science recognizes it in terms of being, doing, and having.

We think that the results are solely dependent on our Karma. However, it is also dependent on the feeling we are manifesting while performing the karma. An ontologist diagnoses human formation.

Therefore, if you want to find the way to success in life, you have to understand the power of gratefulness.

Inhale Sabr, exhale shukar!

Disclaimer: All thoughts are based on the interview of ontologist Aashmeen  Munjaal. For any further enquiry, please contact Shukrana Gratitude Foundation

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