Government’s take on NGO!


The NDA government to reduce the number of registered NGOs to receive funds from abroad in a quarter in the last year, shortening the list of 33,500.

But is technology, not ideology that is driving repression. More than 10,000 NGOs lost their registration status by not paying taxes under the Law Regulating Foreign Contribution (FCRA) 2010.



The only exception is the Lawyers Collective, which, like Greenpeace India, was shot down by being critical of the government, its policies or influential individuals. Greenpeace continues a legal battle to date.

Greenpeace India has been on the radar since UPA government was in power. It was, however, the NDA that registration took foreign funding. Indira Jaising and Anand Grover, representing the NGO, promise to rid the same legal battle Lawyers’ Collective, the advocacy group he founded.

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