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PM Modi once said, Data is the new oil! Unfortunately, his government doesn’t have data on these 12 issues

From death of migrant laborers to job losses in the auto sector, government has no data

A year ago, PM Narendra Modi, while addressing a crowd of more than 50,000 people at the grand ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event in Houston, United States described data as the “new oil” and the “new gold.” He also indicated that India was in a strong position to lead the world in the industry 4.0 revolution, which relies on digital technology and bid data analytics to improve and augment manufacturing. He had said, “Today, it is said that data is the new oil, I want to add that data is the new gold.”

The monsoon session of the parliament has been making headlines almost every day. Apart from farm bills, the parliament has also seen furore over data. The Modi-led NDA government which thinks data is the new oil and gold, said in the parliament that they do not have data on the key consequences of the lockdown.

Despite the presence of the records of various institutions, personal accounts, video evidence and various other proofs on the loss of livelihood and life, the government stated that there is no data available about it. The government has been criticized for not having the data. India’s Medical Association condemned the statement of the BJP government as many hard-working doctors lost their lives while fighting against the deadly COVID-19.

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Here are some of the things which the government has no data of-

1. The government doesn’t have any data available on the numbers of migrant workers who returned to their homes. We had seen many of the migrant laborers walking back or travelling in a vehicle to their hometowns and villages after the lockdown was imposed

2. The government doesn’t have any data available on the number of migrant laborers deaths during the lockdown period. While some died during the accident, some died because of the lack of ration. Although there is no data available on the number of deaths due to lack of food, there have been several reports that at least 110 migrant workers died.

3. The government also said that they do not have any data on the number of who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  There is no data on the number of job losses in the automobile industry due to COVID-19. It is believed that millions have lost their jobs in the auto sector.  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, headed by Prahlad Singh Patel, informed that there is no data on the job-losses in the tourism sector. It is amongst the worst-hit industries due to the global pandemic.

4. In the parliament, it was said that the government has no data on the family members (of people who lost their lives due to COVID-19), who were provided any compensation or economic assistance.

5. No data on numbers of migrants who had no other option than walking hundreds and thousands of kilometres to their homes.

6. There is no data on the number of doctors or health workers who lost their lives battling the COVID-19. The Indian Medical Association raised their voice against the statement and said as many as 382 health workers lost their lives due to novel coronavirus.

7. The Ministry of Rural Development, headed by Narendra Singh Tomar, informed the parliament that there is no data in economic losses in rural areas due to COVID-19.

8. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, headed by Parshottam Rupala, announced that they have no data on the losses suffered by farmers during the pandemic.

9. There is no data available for the number of plasma banks in India. Plasma banks provide plasma therapy to COVID-19 patients.

10. There is no data on the number of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), which shut down due to the lockdown.

11. No data on the number of students who committed suicide during the lockdown.

12. No data on the number of police personnel who lost their lives while helping in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

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