Google to allow sign in to email via Smartphone instead of password

If one is tired of entering the long alphanumeric strings to access to an account, then Google has come in rescue. Google will now allow a prompt to be sent on your phone that can be used to gain access to your account.

The Users only need to have an Android phone with updated Google Play services and the iPhone 5S and later versions. For the security reasons the phone needs to be secured from direct access to the applications from the lock screen.

Whereas, the Android phones will need an active screen lock mechanisms and iphones needed to have a Touch ID, also iPhones need to have the latest version of the Google app installed.


Google will allow you to sign in to email with a smartphone instead of a password

The Users are supposed to use a laptop or computer to go to the Sign in and Security section of their account. Further you have to set up your phone in that interface, and go through the steps that will guide you on how you can sign in to email accounts using phone.

Once the process of signing up is completed, every time you enter the account, a message will be shown on screen saying that a prompt has been set sent to your phone.

If in any case the Google’s algorithms get triggered, users will be asked to enter the password on the mobile device.

Google has also recommended that a user should not use shared devices for this service, and only opt for phones that are personally carried around.

This warning is because of a reason that if everyone else knows the code to unlock the screen can access your account using this feature. And in any case the phone is lost or stolen the device can be removed from the account settings.

The Users will still be able to access the account using the regular password if their phone is not available for some reason.

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