Google is the Most Influential brand in India: Ipsos

According to a new list of the ten most influential brands ranked in a country, foreign brands like Google and Facebook rank among the top in terms of the domestic ones.

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According to the global study research firm Ipsos, Google is ranked on the top position, followed by Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft and Samsung, all the first five position was secured by foreign brands.

The app Whatsapp secured sixth position on the India’s most influential brands, and Flipkart ranked seventh in the list.

The other domestic brand on the list was- SBI and airtel which were on the positions of ninth and tenth, whereas another foreign based brand Amazon managed to be on the position eight.

“Brands are more than just corporate logos. They have meaning, personality, even attitude. The role brands play in our lives and the world at large is becoming more important.”

“From improving our personal well-being to transforming the communities and societies we live in, many brands today are driven to make a dent in the universe,” Ipsos, India Managing Director Amit Adarkar said.

The firm Ipsos study has measured the biggest and well known brands only, due to which the study did not look at the entire market.

The Most Influential Brands study that ranks brands according to their influence in 21 countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, the US and UK, was conducted in December 2015.

“The Ipsos Most Influential Brand Study evaluates over 100 brands across 21 countries and involved 36,600 interviews. In India, where the study was conducted for the first time, we canvassed the country to ask more than 1,000 Indians online to assess more than 100 brands,” Ipsos said.

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