Google Doodle honors Eva Ekeblad on her 293rd Birthday: Who was she?

Five facts you need to know about Eva Eklebad

The Google Doodle has been changed to honor Eva Eklebad on her 293rd birthday. Well, who was she? Here are few interesting facts about her that you should know. Eklebad is famous for her discovering that potatoes could be used to make flour and alcohol.

Notably, she was the first woman to join Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748. Eklebad was born on July 10, 1724 and died on May 15, 1786.

Google Doodle

Here are few facts about her that you should know:

  • She discovered how to use potatoes to make flour and vodka. During her time, there were attempts to find new ways to use potatoes. Notably, pot
    atoes were introduced to Sweden in year 1658.
  • She was married twice at the age of 16 and she had 7 children.
  • Interestingly, she was the first elected to Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and was the only one until 1951.
  • Her Sister- in –Law famously stopped the last Witch Trial in Sweden.
  • Although it’s been over 230 years since her death but her work with potatoes continues to play a vital role in Sweden. Vodka can be made with the distillation of potatoes.
Eva Ekeblad

Interestingly, Sweden in considered one of the “vodka belt” countries, along with Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and other countries.

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