Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday Of Samuel Johnson: Who was he?

Happy Birthday To The Man Of Literature and Dictionaries!

Google is celebrating 308th birthday of Samuel Johnson. Johnson often referred to as Dr.Johnson was a writer and contributed his best works in poetry, moralist, literary critic, biographer and lexicographer.(A person who compiles dictionaries)

Google Doodle on Samuel’s 308th birthday

Samuel was not only the man of good literature but his writing shows his keen observing skills, and how deeply he thrived on the thing called ‘Life.’ In one of his quote he tries to tell the reality of world where he said, “It’s stupid to think that others will keep your
secret better than you can.”

Here are some facts you need to know about Samuels’s life:

  • Johnson’s father was a bookseller and he started reading books at a very young age because of easy access of books.
  • He attended Prembroke college for a year but within one year, he left the college because of shortage of funds.
  • When Johnson was 25, he married to a 45 -year -old wealthy widow.
  • He spent 9 years of his life on his dictionary before publishing it in 1755.
  • Samuel’s dictionary is considered as worlds famous dictionary as it used more than 150 years and when oxford replaced his dictionary, it was called a English grammar dictionary.
  • Samuel’s dictionary just required six helpers and eight years to compile which was the big achievement in itself.
  • There are more than 114,000 quotations in his dictionary according to British library.
  • His critical examination on other poets work and biographies was also very appraisable.
  • In 19th century his poetry was not liked but in next century his work was appreciated,and bring positive response.
  • Johnson struggled with his health throughout hs life died in 1784 and buried at Westminster Abbey at the age of 75.

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