Google Doodle Celebrates 156th Birthday of Fridtjof Nansen: Here is all you need to know!

Who was Fridtjof Nansen?

Google is today celebrating 156th birthday of Fridtjof Nansen with a Doodle. He was a Norwegian Polar explorer and the first High Commissioner for refugees who came up with the Nansen Passports. Apart from being an explorer, Nansen was a scientist, diplomat and political activist.

Fridtjof Nansen
Fridtjof Nansen

Few important facts about Fridtjof that you probably didn’t know!

  • He was born on 10th October 1861 to a prosperous lawyer and a mother who encouraged their children to become athletes.
  • He was a pro at Swimming, skating and tumbling. Since his school days, he excelled in science and drawing, and upon entering University, he decided to study Zoology as a main subject.
  • He had written book called “The first crossing of Greeland”
  • Nansen mixed his scientific interests with his exploratory instincts to draw in a series of achievements that made him an international star.
  • In 1905, Fridtjof Nansen fought for independence of Norway from Sweden and later, he served as the country’s minister to Britain.
  • When in 1914, First World War started and explorations were stopped, he started taking interest in international politics.
  • The League of Nations had instituted its High Commission for Refugees in year 1921 and it was headed by Nansen. That was the time when he created Nansen Passports for the refugees.
  • Notably, those passports were documents of identification and later it was recognized by more than 50 governments.
  • He lived a life of research, adventure and humanitarianism. He died on May 13, 1930.

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