Google Doodle Celebrates 135th birthday of Physicist Max Born

It’s Physicist Max Born Birthday: Few things you need to know

Today, Google is celebrating 135th birthday of Max Born, the physicist and mathematician who discovered one of the most important rules in quantum mechanics with an interesting doodle.

Notably, he is best known for the Born Rule, a theory that uses probability to predict the location of a particle in a quantum system.

Max Born

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Born rule is important for understanding and using quantum mechanics, the principles that govern physics at subatomic scales, and we rely on quantum physics for all kinds of thing.

Befor Max, physicists assumed that if someone wants to know the location of a quantum particle, she or he has to measure it exactly using a series of physical experiments and a lot of unwieldy calculation.

Notably, Born figured out that all you really needed was a matrix (a group of numbers lined up in columns and rows) and the rules of probability.

Born won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on quantum mechanics.

Notably, in addition to his significant work on quantum mechanics, he was also the grandfather of singer Olivia Newton-John.

Make sure to ponder the mysteries of quantum wave functions next time you listen to the Grease soundtrack.

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