Know all about Lucy Wills who is featured on Google doodle today!


Google changes its doodle to honor Lucy Wills

Google changes its doodle to honor or celebrate the day. Today Google doodle is celebrating the 131st birthday of English hematologist Luci Wills. Lucy Wills was an English hematologist who researched parental anemia for a poor pregnant lady who worked in textile to prevent unhealthy pregnancy.

She worked in India between 1920 and 1930.

She was born on 10th May 1888 and studied in England at Cheltenham College for young ladies where she got training in medical science. Later on, she worked in India in the late 1920s-1930s for a poor female pregnant lady. At that time India’s pregnant lady suffered from parental Anemia (deficiency of red blood cells). Lucy Wills researched in seminal for prevention of macrocytic anemia after this she figured out that poor women lacked nutritional factor which prevents from disorder and cures a pregnant lady.

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 Lucy Wills was the pioneer in prenatal care researcher

Lucy Wills decided to make medicines to help pregnant lady, she researched on folic acid which is very helpful in preventing Anemia. After some time the research was successful, which is now recommended to pregnant women all over the world. Folic acid is a strong dietary supplement which provides benefits in pregnancy. This discovery is approved by BMJ (British Medical Journal) and they explained it as “simple but great observations” and a landmark in the history and treatment of nutrition. The discovery of folic acid is known as wills factor.

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