Google and Fiat presents new Android Infotainment system

New android system by Google and Fiat are all set to be finalized soon

Currently the worlds’ seventh largest auto maker, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) which has attained a special place on the international platform. Google and Fiat are soon going to finalize the Android system.

Thanks to its close tryst with emerging technologies has now decided to collaborate with Google so as to create a brand new in- car system tech, that will use Android as the base for an unprecedented new infotainment and connected car platform.

Uconnect is FCA’s new in-car system. It uses Android 7.0 to deliver a wide range of features, including Android app compatibility. However, that is just the start of what could be a potentially revolutionary partnership.

The new system also allows in-car controls like Air Conditioning and heat.

Google and Fiat presents new Android Infotainment system
New Infotainment by Google and Fiat

Fiat and Google together have been working on a concept that involves an 8.4-inch Uconnect concept system based upon Android for quite some time now.

While Google already has a vehicular Android Auto in place, the new system goes for pure, unadulterated Android in favor of the toned-down version that is Android Auto.

Chris Barman, FCA’s head of Electrical Engineering said that by using the Android OS, Ford is able to maintain their unique Uconnect user interface, all while integrating their easy-to- use systems with Android’s features and ecosystem of applications.

It is a smart step by Google and this will be very beneficial for Fiat, as Android’s flexibility and its’ widespread popularity could help the automobile company to carve out a special niche for itself among manufacturers vying to get smart systems in place inside their cars.

Google and Fiat presents new Android Infotainment system
All ready for the car play

On the other hand, Google will give the company yet another potential source of revenue while also providing it an opportunity to strike at its competitor’s services — such as Apple’s Car Play.

Tomorrow’s world will see companies competing across devices and situations.

Google already has a presence in your smartphones, your homes and your laptops. Through this latest infotainment system, it could also obtain a solid presence inside your transport.

The company is not quite ready to roll out the system out on the roads yet. However, you can get a look at it at the CES, where the system will be displayed in a Chrysler 300.

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