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7 Good Initiatives That Became Good News This Week

 Here are the seven good news that need our attention this week.


Gujarat’s Surat to get India’s 1st Bullet Train Station

IIT Gandhinagar researchers make seawater drinkable 

Karnataka launches self-defence training for girl students

Four lakh subsidies for construction workers


Good news of the week: From West Bengal’s open-air classroom program ‘Paray Shikshalaya’ for primary and pre-primary school to Karnataka self-defence initiative ‘Onake Obavva Art of Self Defence’ for female students, here are the seven good initiatives that need our attention this week.

1. Good news: Gujarat’s Surat to get India’s 1st Bullet Train Station

India’s efforts towards launching bullet trains gain momentum as Gujarat’s Surat is set to have the nation’s 1st bullet train station. The work of the railway station is expected to be completed by December 2024.

This station will be the 1st one on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai, Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Sabarmati will also have stations.

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2. Good news: IIT Gandhinagar researchers develop a method to make seawater drinkable 

A team of researchers at IIT Gandhinagar have developed a water desalination technique that can make seawater drinkable. This is a cost-effective technique using which, more than 99% of salt ions and other impurities can be removed with natural processing.

Interestingly this research has taken inspiration from trees’ natural intake of water that uses the capillary effect. The water evaporation and water filtration processes used in this technique are not dependent on electricity, perhaps there are no gas emissions.

3. Good news: Karnataka launches self-defence training for girl students

Good news

In a bid to empower women, Karnataka has started a self-defence training program ‘Obavva Art of Self Defence Training’ for 50000 girl students in schools and colleges. In the 1st phase, 50000 girl students residing at Backward Classes and Social Welfare Department hostels will be trained in self-defence.

Police Training schools are instructed to train women in self-defence. Karnataka has also decided to induct 7500 more NCC cadets annually with an allocation of ₹1200 per cadet and 75 more NCC units in schools and colleges. NCC cadets’ number is expected to reach over 50000 by 2023.

4. Good news: India’s Suhana Saini wins bronze at WTT youth contender Tunis championship

India’s Suhana Saini bagged a bronze medal in the WTT Youth Contender Tunis 2022 championships in the Tunisian capital. In the quarterfinals, she defeated Egyptian Farida Badawy 11-9, 11-4, 11-8 in a one-sided contest.

Earlier she had clinched three bronze medals at the World Youth Championships in December of 2021.

5. Good news: Suvidha Kendra

The Maharashtra government officially announced the launch of a ‘Suvidha Kendra’ in Mumbai’s Dharavi, which is also India’s biggest toilet block with 111 toilet seats. This new initiative would benefit over 50000 residents by providing easy access to sanitation, hygiene, and clean water.

6. Good news: Paray Shikshalaya (Neighbourhood Schools)

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The West Bengal government launched an open-air classroom program named ‘Paray Shikshalaya’ for all primary and pre-primary students in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Numerous kids would be studying in an open area under this program.

7. Good news: Four lakh subsidies for construction workers

The Tamil Nadu government stated that construction workers in the state would be given a ₹4 lakh subsidy to build their own houses. They will be provided financial assistance for tenements allotment. Ten thousand workers are currently eligible in the first phase.

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