7 easy steps to borrow from Deepika Padukone for good mental health

How to keep your mental health in check,  7 easy –to- do steps to steal from Deepika Padukone

Workload, finances, and the constant pressure of spending an ample amount of time with family, a lot of times all this takes a toll on our mental health. To be physically fit, we take up different activities. But what about mental health? How often do we keep a check on our mental health? Well, we all get caught up in the hustle and there is no denying to that fact. Now, as we have entered in a whole new decade, we understand maintaining good mental health is need of the hour.

How Deepika Padukone maintains her good mental health? 

In this piece, we have enclosed  7 easy steps that you can borrow from Deepika Padukone for good mental health. Deepika has been always vocal about maintaining good mental health. Today, we will take a sneak peek into the lifestyle habits of Deepika Padukone that can enormously help us.

1. Healthy Diet & Ample amount of sleep should be your priority

If you will not take a good amount of sleep, you will end up messing up things. 6 hours of minimum sleep is very important for a healthy brain. Similarly, one should never miss his or her meals, especially breakfast.


2. Wake up early:

This is the ultimate mantra. Deepika Padukone wakes up early which gives her a lot of time to plan her day. Planning your day ahead of time helps you a lot. It keeps all the tension at bay and you feel more energized throughout the day.

3. Meditation:

We understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Meditation can be a bit difficult but one should practice it. You can start with 2 minutes and then can go on increasing the time. It relaxes the mind and boosts the concentration power.

4. Social media detox sometimes:

Being a celebrity, she is constantly under the screening, but she strikes a perfect balance between her personal & professional life. When you are between your people it is important to take a break from the virtual world.

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5. Prioritize Alone time:

Indulging yourself in activities that you love should be your priority. Take out time to cook some delicious food for yourself. Take a break from the screen and finish the book you were trying to do from the past 3 months.

6. Say No to things without feeling bad:

Deepika came back to screen almost after 2 years, but she deliberately said no to projects she didn’t want to do. One should not feel bad about saying No to things that she or he does not want to do.

7. Acceptance:

Accepting reality keeps your mind at peace. It helps you to move forward in life. It keeps you at peace without the constant pressure of proving your points to others.


Deepika Padukone has always openly talked about how it is important to have good mental health. Alike your physical health it also needs practice. You need to train your mind in a certain way to be in the best state of your mind. Well, it is not an overnight process but it is not impossible. The above said pointers will help to get a healthy mind.

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