God is unwell, He can’t bless you!

If you people are wondering that God who blesses everyone can really go unwell, than indeed this is true! We are saying so because doors of the Jagannath Dham have been closed for the people.

Devotees coming to have a ‘darshan’ are being turned back because the lord is ‘sick’ and hence unable to see his people. According to temple priest “Bhagwan bimaar hain, woh aushadi sewan kar rahein hain aur pandrah din aaram karenge” (The lord is not well and is under medication. He willrest for a fortnight).


Lord Jagannath

Well, this is an annual practice and corresponds to the age-old custom prevalent at Jagannath temple, Puri in Odisha.

This is only the temple where God lives human life. Bhupendra Singh Bhati, the president of the Jagannath Dham said that as per the tradition, on ‘jyeshtha poornima’ which was on a Sunday this year, Lord Jagannath was given a grand bath of 35 ‘swarna ghats’ (gold pots).

Later, he was seated on a special swarna simhasana (throne) and served ‘aam-ras’ of choicest mangoes, the fruit of the season. “The prolonged bath and comsumption of mango juice has made him fall sick. There will be no more ‘bhog’ and only herbal medicines would be

administered to him for 15 days.”

Now, temple doors will open on July 5 and once God will get pink in his health he will give blessings to his devotees!

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