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150 Years of Gandhi: India needs Satyagrah 2.0

India slips to 102 in Global Hunger Index List, Below Than Pakistan

The Champaran movement was the first movement lead by Mahatma Gandhi on 19 April 1917 against the Britishers which is formally known as the Champaran Satyagrah. Gandhi had initiated many satyagraha movements afterward which helped India in getting independence from British Raj.

Satyagrah consists of two words ‘sataya’ means truth and ‘agrah’ means insistence, which simply means ‘holding onto truth’. 

Its more than a century since Mahatma Gandhi had his first Satyagrah now, and we are still fighting for our basic needs in independent India. People are suffering from poverty, water crisis, hunger, castism, filth, and lynching. Our society has got divided into have and have-nots, it has divided into two groups one which has everything and another one is still fighting for its basic needs.

Independence that still looks for liberty!

Now, its 150 years of Gandhi and 73 years of our independence but Gandhi’s dream seems to be hazy. In the 2019 Global Hunger Index (GHI) list India has slipped to the 102 positions of 117 countries, the only South Asian country after Afganistan above 100, even below to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. While discussing the Swaraj, Gandhi probably not wanted to see starvation, multi-cast society in independent India, farmer’s suicides, child marriage, polluted rivers, the filth and most probably the lynching and the castism.

In the past decade, the hate, violence and mob lynching has been so prevalent in India. The data will shock you. In 2019 alone 23 mob lynching cases were registered. According to Reuters from 2010 to 2017 63 cow vigilante attacks occurred. In this violences, 28 people were killed out of which 24 were Muslims – and 128 people were injured. Most of the attacks were the result of fake news of cow vigilantism and “cow smuggling”. The number of mob lynching cases has seen a sharp increase in the last few years. The numbers of attacks and death are not clear yet due to the media’s fake report and government’s negligence.

Recently, news of killing two Dalit children in MP for open defecation attracted media and public attention. Two children Roshani Balmiki (12) and Avinash Balmiki (10) were beaten up to death by two locals. Another mob lynching case in 2015 for killing a man in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh made the highlights. Mohammed Akhlaq, a 52 years Muslim man was killed by a mob suspected in cow slaughtering.

The other serious social issues that must be chopped down are farmers’ suicides. Since 1995 nearly 3 lakh farmers have committed suicide, child marriage is yet another social evil that must be killed. According to the organization ‘Girls Not Brides’, there are more than a quarter of girls that are married before 18.  Apart from it, some newborn devils are pollution and water crisis.

‘India of My Dreams’

In the book ‘India of My Dream’ Gandhi portrayed India with no race or religion nor the monopoly of the lettered persons nor of moneyed men. A constitution that the nation from all the thralldom and patronage. A nation where poor can make effective voice, a nation with no high class and low class, where all communities shall live in harmony.

India is a great example of non-violence and peace to the world as the leaders whether they’re spiritual or political like Mahavira, Buddha or Gandhi, they all have shown the world a path of spirituality, love, and harmony. But in present India, we have lost the teaching of the Vedas, Gandhi, Mahavira and all the world’s greatest leaders. India is infamous for the filth, litter, hateful crimes and bad air quality.

Gandhi dreams of no monopoly and building a nation where poor can make effective voice are on the sword’s edge. In the 2019 Global Hunger Index (GHI) list India has slipped to the 102 positions of 117 countries, the only South Asian country after Afganistan above 100, even below to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

India must look forward to killing the devil of violence, hate, pollution, poverty and other social hostiles. The dream of Gandhi and India shall not die.

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Satyagrah 2.0

Satyagrah – hold onto truth; the time has come when we need to unite, as a young nation with more than 600 million people below age 35 we have the power to bring the change to the world. Being the future of the nation, we must take the lead to clean up the mess, we must take pride for having the power to bring the difference, to build a completely different world.

While talking about Gandhi, the government must talk about his vision, while celebrating the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, the government must address the dying dreams of him. As the youths we must create a Gandhi within, we must lead a Satyagrah in relation to awake the sleepy heads and build a noble and developed India. An India where poor have voice, where rivers are crystal clear, where the sky is blue, where no one dies of lynching, starvation or debt, where no one sees a different caste, race or religion. A Satyagrah 2.0 is imperatively needed to build an “India of Gandhi’s Dream”.

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