Global Earth Day 2019: Why the environment should be an important issue in Elections?

Global Earth Day 2019: How you can help Mother Earth to get rid of pollution?

Global Earth Day 2019 is being celebrated all across the globe today. Every year it is celebrated on April 22 to represent the diversity and uniqueness of the earth. Google marked the day by changing the doodle.  The Google Doodle Earth day special represent six organisms and their earthly superlative. They have some unique qualities or earthly superlatives, such as tallest, smallest, and oldest and so on.

Our Mother Earth is facing a lot of problems. Be it pollution, water scarcity or global warming.  All the situations are alarming and still, we are not ready to take things seriously. There are so many articles and reports that are pointing that how our environment is degrading with each passing year.

The environment should be an important issue in Elections

If we talk about India, a lot of people are dying due to polluted air. A lot of us are inhaling toxic air. Still, Pollution is not an important issue in this Election 2019. A lot of children die due to Pollution in India and still, no political party is talking about this important issue.

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What we all can do?

Basically, the damage has been done. We have actually exploited our environment. Still, it’s never too late. You can take some crucial steps to help Mother Earth from getting rid of Pollution.

1. Say no plastics. Try not to use it on a daily basis

2. Do not cut trees. We actually can’t fathom what can happen to us in future if we are not going to stop deforestation

3. Use public transports to combat Pollution

4. Plant more trees if you have space at your place

5. Keep your environment clean and learn waste management 

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