‘Gin’ and its bucket full benefits!

Do you know the health benefits of Gin?

Well, alcohol consumption is of course not good for us. It eats our mind and body both with the passage of time. But that doesn’t mean that alcohol doesn’t have health benefits. They have some hidden benefits as well which we have already discussed. In fact, gin is liquor with wealth of potential benefits to offer. So read on, and discover several ways in which gin might actually be a good drink for you.

Benefits Of Gin

1. Fight with Illness
Gin really helps to recover from prolonged illness. Juniper berries are an incredibly healthy fruit that carry a multitude of medicinal benefits. These super berries are also—you guessed it—the main ingredient in gin. Used for centuries as a topical antiseptic, juniper berries can also help to fight off coughs and lung problems. The oils contained in juniper berries agitate bronchial passages and expel mucus.

2. Relief from joint pains
Joint pain which has become a major problem for all of us can also get treated from Gin.
Try a bit of gin if your joints are aching or if you suffer from arthritis. Gin helps to relieve the pain caused by achy joints, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, some arthritis sufferers even use gin-soaked raisins to reduce joint inflammation.

3. Improve digestion
With the age, indigestion becomes a major problem. But Gin has a solution for this too.
Many people avoid gin due to its slightly bitter taste, but that lip-puckering flavor is an aid to the digestive system. The herbs used to create gin can increase digestive enzymes this increase in fluids necessary for breaking down ingested food allows for better digestion.

4. Keep Malaria at bay
That’s true. It keeps malaria at bay. If you happen to be travelling to a country which is malaria prone you may want to order a gin and tonic when you get there. According to a research, the gin and tonic was developed in the 1800s to make quinine more palatable. And quinine, derived from cinchona bark, was an essential medicine that worked to both cure and prevent malaria. Although we would never encourage you to substitute anti-malarial drugs with drinking a gin and tonic, at least you know of a way to make those quinine tonics tastier… and more fun.

5. Clean out your system
Gin also clean out your system. If you are having issues with bloating, or urinary tract infections, gin may be able to help. Since juniper is a diuretic, it increases urine output and therefore stops water retention. In the case of UTIs, increased urine output often flushes out toxins and bacteria associated with the infection.

6. Get your liver in shape
Gin can even deal with liver related diseases. Juniper berries in gin are diuretic, they can theoretically be helpful with liver disease (which usually sees issues with abdominal bloating and water retention). Then again, if drinking alcohol is what caused your liver disease in the first place, you might want to put the bottle down.

7. Keeps your skin young
You have definitely heard about red wine’s anti-ageing benefits, but did you know that gin offers a comparable effect? This drink, once again thanks to its natural ingredients, is packed with antioxidants that work to keep your skin fresh, dewy, and youthful.

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