Giant Panda’s baby healthy

Giant Panda’s baby healthy

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Mei Xiang, the Giant Panda in the National Zoo, Washington had delivered triplets a while back, Of the three, the weaker two succumbed. However, the third is doing well, and has been gaining weight regularly.

The cub is not going to be on public display till early next year. This is because Zoo officials want the cub to reach a certain level of physique, so as not to strain it.

Giant Panda’s baby healthy


Giant pandas are a endangered species. There are only 1600 in the wild, and around 300 in captivity. These mamals in any case have a low reproductive rate, and more so in captivity.

Thus, for a Giant Panda to be born in captivity is a big deal to start with in any case, for these mamals whose native habitat is China.

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