Ghalib Guru, proud to own the ‘Aadhaar Card’

Ghalib Guru has his own identification now, not just Afzal’s son anymore.

The name “Afzal Guru” has been the talk of the town for years now, for some he was national criminal and for some, he was a paladin. For the act of 2001, parliament attack, he was sentenced to death. After his death, the eyes got stuck on his son, Ghalib Guru. He has passed the intermediate exams with decent scores of 88.5%.

Recently, he said,  I am proud to hold the Aadhaar Card. He talks about his happiness, in receiving this identification. Ghalib is passionate about his career and higher education. He also demands the approval of his passport, so that he can go to foreign countries to pursue his higher studies. He has plans to make medical colleges in India. Also, he wants to hedge for a situation where, if he doesn’t graduate from India, a college in turkey would give him a scholarship. Adding to it, he talked about the past mistakes made in regard to his father’s choices and preferences.

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Ghalib thanked his mother, for ‘isolating’ him from the pressure of homegrown terror, from Pakistan to join their ranks. His family includes saying how frightening it was for them, to see the trials people who tried them to pull into terror camps.


So how long would it take for the family to get out of these Hawkeye investigations from the government, and a bad eye by members of Jaish-e-Mohammad? The family needs a simple and normal life.  Also, the family wants equal opportunities as any citizen of India would get. People from all over the country are sending regards to the son, Ghalib Guru for him being on the path of righteousness.

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