Get ready to install windows 10

Get ready to install windows 10

Get ready to install windows 10

June kicked off with good news for all the techno savvies as Microsoft windows 10 will be available from July 29th.

After so many speculations, the much awaited window that will offer continuity across mobile, desktop and even tablets will ship in, just two months from now.

It will be a free upgrade for the window 7 and 8 users for the first year. Now, what all features users would get?


Cortana: Truly world’s first digital personal assistance that will make work done easily. It learns your preferences in order to give relevant recommendations, important reminders and fast access to the information. And it is not just confined to your P.C, but can work on your Smartphone too.


Windows Hello: Will greet you by a smile and let you to log in. Bio-metric recognition in window 10 can be done through your fingers, iris and eyes.


Microsoft Edge: It offers you fast and quick content based on your interest. So, you can be actively engage on web by just looking at the content that matters you.

Windows Store: Will be there with the easy install and uninstall of the trusted applications.

“To ensure easy update, Microsoft is also using a ‘Reservation System’ that allows users to install windows when they want”, says Microsoft Officials.

“I am eagerly waiting for the windows 10, I hope that certain anomalies of windows 8.1 will be removed in new version of windows 10, and I hope that it will provide us a better working environment that is very important. Windows 10 can run efficiently in less than 3 GB RAM. It will be more advanced as every game can be run without graphic card also”, says Ayush Srivastava, Student

There is lot more that windows 10 would provide but you have to till July 29th. So, just get ready to avail all the advantages of Windows 10.

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