Get excited because it’s Jurrasic World

Most of us have grown up with the series of ‘Jurrasic Park’. The last time we got to witness these extinct species and their charisma on big screen was in 2001 and now after 14 years of wait, we all again would experience of looking at these creatures on big screens with the ‘Jurrasic World’. This American Science Fiction Adventure flick, which has been directed by Colin Trevorrow, is the fourth installment in Jurassic Park series. The cast has been completely changed except B.D.Wong however it is for sure that people who have seen, imagined and loved Alan Grant in earlier series would miss his presence in this one. Steven Spielberg, the director of first part of ‘Jurassic Park’ and its sequel ‘The Lost World’, is the executive producer of the movie.

After 22 years, an island called Isla Nublar is located which have a fully functioning Dinosaur Theme Park ‘Jurassic World’, as envisioned by John Hammond. However, because the foot fall is falling, the park’s geneticists conduct an experiment for which they have to pay a big price. How would they do it? Well you have to find that out on yourself on June 12th 2015 in your nearby multiplexes. So, do not miss because this movie is all set to thrill, excite and entertain you on big screens.

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