Meet Gaurav Wasan, a man who deserves applause for filming food and emotions together

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Gaurav Wasan

Thank you, Gaurav Wasan for bringing out stories like #BabaKadhabha

Netizens are going gaga over #BabaKaDhabha from past 24 hours. So many people have showered their love on the elderly couple, who talked about how pandemic affected their business. As soon as the video went viral, people came out in support. It was shared by many celebrities and politicians on social media. Interestingly, it is the top trend on Twitter today.

The video was posted by a twitter user Vasundhara Tankha Sharma and it went viral. Well, a lot of articles read that it was originally posted by a food blogger. Well, that food blogger is Gaurav Wasan, who manages a Facebook page called Swadofficial and his Instagram account is – @youtubeswadofficial. Gaurav is the man behind bringing out this heart touching story which moved thousands of people.

Interestingly, this is not the first time when he has reported such heart–touching story. His social media posts are proof that he is the man with a heart of gold. He brings out inspiring and moving stories from all across the country. He is a traveller, foodie and a dreamer. What makes Gaurav different from others is – he doesn’t just introduce you to drooling dishes, but he actually serves emotions. And as they say, “ Food is an Emotion”. Here are 5 different videos that we found on his instagram account that will surely move you!

Here, we go!

1. Rajasthani Aunty in Tagore Garden


He brings out authentic stories and aims to help people as much as he can. He shot this video of Rajasthani Aunty, Shanti Devi, who serves this delicious food starting at Rs. 20.  She is doing this from last 15 years. Did you know about this?

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I came across this Rajasthani aunty in Tagore Garden, Delhi who is serving amazing Dhaba food starting from just Rs 20/-. What amused me was the taste and the love she makes you eat this food. Shanti Devi as she is called is serving this chulha roti along with amazing spread of sabzis for last 15 years. If you stay in Delhi or whenever you come here, please pay a visit to her and you will surely leave with a happy smile. Name: Rajasthani Dhaba Address: C-102, Shivaji Market, DDA Janata Flats Rd, Raghubir Nagar, Tagore Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027 Phone: 9312840016, 8010205002 Timings: 6 am to 4 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm Price: Rs 20/- onwards Ratings: 10 out of 10 . . . #dhabafood #dhaba #unlimitedfood #cheapfood #streetfood #indianstreetfood #delhistreetfood #mumbaifood #mumbaistreetfood #jodhpur #jaipurfood #rajasthan #explore #viralvideo #foods #food #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodvideo #eeeeeats #vscocam #instagood #instafood #vegetarian #veganrecipes #vegfood

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2. Mathura waale Uncle

He always has a story to tell. Every video will leave you thinking that there is so much that you can do to make others happy. Every single video has a message and of course food talk.


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3. A Graphic Designer who became famous ‘Ferrywala’ in Banaras

Gaurav, we can’t thank you enough for this story. The story was inspiring AF. A man who didn’t lose hope and proved when life gives you chole don’t forget to make Kachoris. If you plan to visit Varanasi, do not forget to try this once.


4. Do what you love

A man who is doing his work with passion from the past 45 years. He started off with 1 paisa and continues to sell it with the same passion and love. Cycle wale Rasgulle.

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Watch YouTube video here 👇 I met this Cycle wale Bhaiya around 20 years back when he used to sell the same stuuff, the same way and on the same bicycle. Time for sure has changes but his way of making the rasgulla and bread are still the same. He says," I have been doing this for last 45 years and I love what I do". 300 pieces of rasgulla and 200 pieces of breads are what he makes each day. When I asked him about the pricing, he said,"I started selling this for 1 paisa for a bread and 7 paisa for rasgulla". Food really gives you lots of memories and this for sure is right up there. If you want to enjoy his rasgulla and sweet bread, you will need to visit him at Soami Nagar subway and relish the taste of this amazing street food. Name: Cycle wale Rasgulle Address: Panchsheel Marg, Soami Nagar Subway, Get down of Chirag Delhi flyover towards Malviya Nagar, you will see him on your left Price: Rs 10/- onwards Timings: 11 am to 5 pm Rating: 10 out of 10 Google location: . . . #instafood #tasty #rasgulla #desserts #sweets #insta #picoftheday #20likes #beautiful #musteat #bestoftheday #vsco #igers #picoftheday #photooftheday #smile #instadaily #sodelhi #delhistreetfood #indianstreetfood #loveforfood #foodblogger #iphone #trending

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5. India is the country of talented people : Koi shak?

This guy makes Pizza Kulcha and his highly recommend by Gaurav. Next time you plan to visit Ludhiana do not forget to drop her and treat yourself with this amazing dish.

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Watch video: Our country is for sure full of talent and I came across one such talent dring my recent visit to Ludhiana where I came across a guy who was selling Pizza Kulcha, yes you read that right and take my word each bite of this is worthed. He sells these pizza kulcha for as low as Rs 20 and the the normal with cholle are for only Rs 10. People flock his cart outside Rakh Bagh garden and when I asked them, they said they have been coming here for years now. This cart is more than 45 years old and he sells one of the amazing Pizza Kulcha that I have ever had. Planning to visit Ludhiana or if you are already in Ludhiana, go to this place and enjoy some amazing Pizza or should I say Pizza Kulcha. Name: Tezpal special Pizza Kulcha Phone: 08968633279 Timings: 4 pm to 11 pm Price: Rs 20 onwards Google location: . . . #pizzakulcha #smile #instadaily #sodelhi #lbbd #delhistreetfood #indianstreetfood #loveforfood #foodblogger #like4like #followme #follow #20likes #beautiful #musteat #bestoftheday #vsco #igers #picoftheday #photooftheday #beststreetfood #cholekulche #breakfast #lunch #kulchechole #vegetarian #instapic #foodgasm #mouthwatering

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Social media is a powerful tool these days. One video can change someone’s life. There are plenty of bloggers doing their bit to bring out the best stories for their followers. Kudos to all of them! There are many people who are supremely talented all they need is, ‘Right Exposure’. People like Gaurav are not just following their passion but are also changing lives.  If you don’t follow him, do it right away. Do your bit.

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Varun Sharma
10 days ago

Gaurav wasan you are doing amazing work, I agree that we have to help these people who don’t have that much money for eat and living.