Desi Nuskha of gargling with salt water may become the scientific way for COVID-19 

Scientists are set to test if the old home-remedy works scientifically or not

How often we are advised by our desi-Doctors or family members that gargling with salt water will cure the throat pain. And actually, it has worked for many people. Now a recent study has suggested that gargling with salt water can help in reducing the coronavirus early symptoms. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh had earlier found out in a study that using saline solutions noticeably reduced common colds by two or more days. The study found out that people who gargled and cleared their nose with saltwater faced less congestion, fewer coughs and also seemed to recover early than normal people.

gargling with salt water

The study has started recruiting people with COVID-19 symptoms

Scientists of Edinburgh University will now investigate if the home-remedy can also help people with the global pandemic COVID-19. The team has started recruiting people who are novel coronavirus positive or those having symptoms of the dangerous COVID-19.

The original study conducted by the team of scientists included healthy adults within two days of contracting cold, also called upper respiratory tract infection in scientific terms.

People were divided into two groups, one was asked to use the salt water to rinse and gargle their nasal passages and the other group was asked to deal with the cold normally,

The study which is known as the ELVIS or Edinburgh and Lothians Viral Intervention Study, asked all the participants to keep a diary of their symptoms for two weeks. Then the self-collected swab was tested to measure the amount of the cold virus in their nose.

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Study outcome

It was found out in the study that people who performed gargling with salt water and carried out nasal irrigation experienced a shorter cold, had faster nasal clearance, were less likely to pass it on their family and less likely to use medicines from a pharmacy.

The Director of the Usher Institute, Professor Aziz Sheikh said that his team is moving towards conducting a trial of a saltwater intervention with the COVID-19 patients and people with COVID-19 symptoms. He also hoped that the study comes useful and the gargling with salt water would be an effective measure to reduce the spread and impact of the deadly virus.

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