Garden In Your Apartment!

Garden In Your Apartment!

Do you love greenery? But don’t have space for a garden? Don’t worry, you can still decorate your tiny balcony, terrace, patio or your living room with a splendid mini-garden.

A mini portable garden at your place can fulfill your wish to have greenery in your place and can also refresh the look of the entire apartment.

The trend of growing organic herbs is really catching up. People who live in small apartments are opting for them to decorate their home.

Many options are available such as plants that can be placed on window sills or on table tops but most trendy are the planters that can be hung because they are space savers.

In the busy schedule of city life, it is difficult to take care of plants so, it is important to pick those that are easy to grow and do not require a lot of care.
Interestingly, sometimes wrong choices can also prove to be stylish if kept in an attractive manner.

What are the options available that you can choose to decorate your house?

You can opt for ferns, snake plants and palms if you have ideal space or a sunny porch.

You can choose to plant some rose shrubs that you can keep near your living room and that will let the exotic fragrance waft through.

You can also grow big leafy plants that are reflect high style and sophistication and can be grown in every season.

“Gardening is not just my hobby, it’s my passion. I like to grow different plants but as I am working, it becomes difficult to take care of them. I have some plants that require less care in comparison to others such as Aloe Vera. It looks beautiful and it can also be used as a beauty ingredient”, says Ruchi.

Apart from this, you can also incorporate a portable fountain because it doesn’t require much space and adds on to the elegance of your home.

But do remember to change the water to ensure that there is no mosquito breeding.

Go green and enjoy a garden inside your apartment. Do you have an outdoor garden? You can also check interesting lawn care tips.

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