Game of Thrones finale was officially the lowest rated episode in history of ‘GOT’


The final episode of last season is rated 4.3 on IMDB

There was so much of expectation from last season of Game of Thrones, but we all fell devastated the way last season progressed. The standard was set such that people expected too much from this show. People disliked the last season so much more than 1.5 million people have signed a petition for the remake of this massively popular TV Show.

The last season has seen a string of low ratings on IMDB

The last episode of Season 8 “The Iron Throne” is officially the worst rated TV Series this year. It has received 4.3 stars on IMDB as per our recent research. This is the lowest rating ever for a Game of throne episode in last 8 years. This episode isn’t the only episode of season 8 to get lower ratings. This season has seen a string of low ratings on IMBD. Earlier fourth episode “The Last of the Starks” was rated 5.6 and the fifth episode “The Bell” was rated 6.2 of the final season.

Previous worst was rated 8.1, Difference is massive

Before season 8 the lowest rated episode was the 5th episode of season 6 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”. It was rated 8.1 which is a lot better than the season finale of 4.3.

 The highest rated episode id 9.9 for Peter Dinklage starrer

Four episodes of the epic series have been rated 9.9 which is highest ever for any TV series. “The Battle of Bastards” along with “Hardhome”, “The Rains of Castamere” and the “Winds of winter” are the four highest ever rated episodes in the mega-series of big-budget Game of Thrones. Some episodes from the last season of Breaking Bad also have 9.9 ratings.

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