Game Alert! Animal Crossing’s first mobile game will launch in November

Nintendo has announced Animal Crossing: Pocket camp for Mobile

Animal crossing’s first mobile game, Animal crossing: Pocket camp, will be launched in late November. The announcement was made by Nintendo during a presentation. According to reports, pre –registration for the game is available on the both iOS and Android now.

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How Pocket Camp Looks like?

  • In Pocket Camp, players will manage their own campsite. The players would be able to personalize and build up both their character and their campsite, which they can decorate with a variety of buildings and furniture.
  • The main focus of Pocket Camp appears to be crafting furniture from materials found in different areas, and you can customize your van home according to your requirements. You will be able to meet other people from your friend list and trade items. Interestingly, if executed well, Animal Crossing: Pocket camp has the potential to be the biggest mobile hit yet.
Animal Crossing
  • The mobile version of Animal crossing was in talks since a long time. It was announced a year ago, and was supposed to be launched in March 2017, but Nintendo only managed to deliver Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run in that time frame.
  • The game will have a multiplayer feature and will let players exchange their ID numbers to visit each others’ campsites. They can make friends or they can even give kudos if someone’s campsite is really inspiring.
  • The franchise’s recent installment was Animal crossing : amiibo Festival for wii U. The game was not so well -received, neither the spin off Happy Home was received well. But people have high expectations from Pocket Camp, which is all set to release late in November.

So Game lovers, are you ready?

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