How to gain weight naturally with the right diet plan?

How to naturally gain weight? Tips & Tricks to follow

Being feeble or too skinny is as unhealthy as being obese and attract many health-related problems too. For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the right BMI which should not be less than 18.5 and not exceed 25. Although gaining weight might be difficult for some people, but with the right diet and exercise, you can easily achieve your goal. Here, we are mentioning the right way to gain weight in a healthy way. But before we start, let’s take a look at how being underweight can affect our health.

1. Is being skinny bad for your health?

A BMI below 18.5 considered underweight, which is believed to be less than body mass needed for sustainable health. But some people are genetically undesirable skinny but look perfectly healthy. Being underweight doesn’t mean you have any health-related issue but it might attract certain types of health problems like osteoporosis, fertility problem, increase risks of fractures. 

2. What causes someone to become underweight?

Some people are naturally underweight but there are a few factors that make people underweight.

1. Thyroid problem: Thyroid releases thyroid hormones that play a vital role in growth, metabolism, and body development, but when it gets disturbed it affects metabolism and causes unwanted weight loss.

2. Cancer: Cancer patients often suffer from fatigue and weight loss as cancerous cells encourage calories to burn fast.

3. Diabetes: Diabetes is often linked to chronic health-related issues and sudden weight loss is one of them as it disturbs the insulin.

3.The healthiest way to gain weight

If you are undergoing any medical treatment, it’s always good to consult before starting any diet to gain weight. But if it is inherited, then you can follow a few steps to gain some extra pound. Here are some finest and healthiest way to counter your underweight problem:

1. Eat foods that are high in energy. Include dry fruits, seeds, nuts, oils, dark chocolates, and tubers to your diet.

2. Eat high and right protein food. Protein is an essential part when it comes to gain weight and build muscles. Some good sources of high protein foods are chicken, been, legumes, lentils, fish, milk, and yogurt.

3. Eat whole wheat foods and lower the intake of processed foods. Include whole wheat bread or pasta or oats in your breakfast, these foods are high in fibre and protein and help you to gain weight faster.

4. Eat five times a day. It is necessary to add some more extra calories to your diet when you are working on weight gaining. You need to aim 500-800 extra calories per day to gain weight fast.

5. Make some tasty and healthy smoothies. There are a variety of smoothies available on the internet and you can prepare them at home. Fond your favourite type of drink and fruits mix, add some protein supplement and grab it for your snacks.

6. Hit the gym. Eating alone won’t help you to get in the right shape, you need to gain muscle mass too. Lifting weight won’t just help you to increase your muscles size but it will increase your strength too.

7. Limit the cardio. When it comes to losing weight cardio is the best option but, when it comes to gain weight cardio do the opposite. It is always better to limit your cardio to 10-15 minutes a day.

8. Take some protein supplements if needed. If you are finding it hard to gain weight naturally you can ditch the natural way and get a protein supplement. Try to search for the best product before buying one, but it is always the best idea to get protein in a natural way. So add natural ingredients too in your diet along with the supplement. Plus count your protein intake and need too.

9. Eat plenty of fruits too. Although fruits don’t have much calories and proteins,  they are loaded with a lot  of essential minerals and vitamins which are also important to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

10. Get the right amount of sleep. Our body needs an adequate amount of rest to recover and not giving the rest to your body will make your health worse. So it is always the best idea to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

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Always keep that in your mind that gaining weight is not easy and there are no shortcuts, never try to get it done quickly or else it’ll make your health severe. Don’t take any weight gaining supplements before cone protein doctor. Make a proper diet chart, include a combination of fruits, smoothies, nuts, and protein supplements. Have patience for the best result and be comfortable with what you are.

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