From the Empire to Cartel, list of web series/ Films that you can watch this weekend

Watch The Empire this weekend – The Show is engaging and amazing performances will leave you awestruck!

Gone are the days when we used to wait for a movie to release in theatres.  More than 1 year in the Pandemic, we have completely adapted to OTT platforms. We have to admit in the last year, we have watched some amazing and engaging content. In fact, OTT has proved a gamechanger for many actors. A lot of actors got the right opportunity and the right script at the right time.  Be it TVF Aspirants, Grahan, Family Man 2, Broken But Beautiful 2, Sunflower, or Feels Like Ishq, there were many series that won our hearts!  Well, if you are planning what to watch next?  Here we are to help you.  There are two web series that should be at the top of your list.  Disney Hotstar recent release Empire & Cartel on Alt Balaji are engaging AF and are the best pick for the weekend. 

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The Empire – Valid Reasons to watch the series

The phenomenal reviews of the series are all over the internet. The series has a terrific cast ensemble and damdaar performances.  The love on the series is pouring from all over. We decided to watch the series and realized the show has a lot to offer. The first thing that will hit is the breathtaking visuals.  The actual sets and some special effects are beautiful and will instantly win your heart.  The Empire is adapted from Rutherford’s Empire of Moghul by Bhavani Iyer and AM Turaz. The series is directed by Mitakshara Kumar, starring too hot to handle Dino Morea, Shabana Azmi, Kunal Kapoor, Dhristi Dhami amongst a large cast of others.  It is a story of Babur, a young king trying to claim Samarkand in the face of danger, enemies and instability, his family, especially his sister, her sacrifices and bravery.  Another reason why we loved the series was it didn’t make the Muslim character non –relatable.  In South Asian television and Cinema, we often see Muslim characters who have a PhD in Urdu. The Empire is full of melodramatic music in the first few episodes. The show has the quality of an epic meets- Hindi serial TV in parts that makes the show even more interesting and engaging.  Coming to the point of comparison to Game of Thrones,  every artwork has its own essence. If you are someone who wants to watch just for the sake of comparing it with Game of Thrones, then the show isn’t for you. In fact, it is something else in itself that one can watch.

The star of series remain the sets, costumes, makeup, visuals and Dino Morea. He has created magic and we would like to watch more of him. Drishti Dhami’s hatke avatar has shown the diversity of the actor.”

Cartel:  Watch or Not to Watch? Still thinking this – Watch it right away

Cartel is streaming on Alt Balaji and its terrific cast ensemble is one of the biggest reasons to watch it. Before you make a decision to watch this gangster series keep in mind – it is a 14 episode long series. If you want to enjoy it, watch it patiently. It will introduce you to five gangsters who rule Mumbai. Supriya Pathak as Rani Maa was quite convincing.  Ekta Kapoor’s concept and Prashant Bhagia’s direction are crisp and taut, keeping the audience hooked to all 14 episodes. The initial episodes of the show take a long time to introduce the characters. Later, the show picks up the pace which makes it engaging and interesting. The dialogues ( Bhai log language) and one – liners are on the spot.  The characters were well–defined and were relatable as well. Finally, the unexpected twists and turns, as well the climactic battle, make Cartel an exciting watch.

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