From Kanjivaram to Banarsi: Saree trends that will take away your heart!

Enhance your Indian Beauty with some beautiful sarees

Believe or not every girl loves drape a saree at least once in a lifetime. Isn’t it? Remember the excitement we had during school and college farewell day. Having grown up in Indian families with weddings taking place within a span of few seasons, we all have seen our mothers beautifully draped in those sarees and she looked absolutely stunning.

Do not we all remember stealing dupattas from our mother’s wardrobe to drape it as a saree?  Well, we must say the scenario has not changed much since then, we still feel so much connected to our traditions and have a special corner for sarees. We just look for perfect chance to wear it.

How to use your Mom’s old Sarees!

A lot of us treat saree as an emotion rather than just a piece of clothe. A saree fan should never miss out on certain trends and currently, Silk, Kanjivaram and Banarasi are the most preferred sarees making rounds in the industry. To know each kind of saree in detail, keep reading!

Let’s start with ‘Kanjivaram’ sarees!

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Kanjivaram sarees are brides current best friend, originated from Tamil Nadu are now winning hearts in North as well. Wearing Kanjivaram with Gajra enhance your look. Kanjivaram silk is considerably thicker than other silks and therefore, heavier the silk, better the quality. Being on the expensive side; they are much more functional as can be wore on other occasions also. The light work makes them more beautifup and easy to carry. How to keep a check that the shopkeeper is not fooling you with fake kanjivaram saree? As the designs on these sarees are weaved with golden threads and elaborated zari work.

Tip: While buying a kanjivaram saree, find a loop of zari thread and pull it out, it should not be of any other colour than red.

Banarsi Sarees another eye-catcher

Banarasi sarees are Varanasi’s pride! Their richness in the gold and silver or zari work which makes them one of the gorgeous and heaviest sarees. Remember the Anushka Sharma’s Banarsi red saree she wore at her Delhi Reception. They are one of the finest woven silk and are usually made by hands, so they take a month to get completed. The designs are inspired by the Mughal era and are usually very different from kanjivarams. Popular designs include Diagonal Stripes and Floral motifs-mango & marigold mainly. A string of leaves in upward direction makes the border, popularly known as ‘Jhallar’. Being heavy on embroidery with gold work, it makes the saree just perfect.

All time favorite Silk Saree!

Silk is the parent of kanjivarams and banarasi sarees. They are the first choice for any wedding function. Also, Silk in itself has various categories. Out of all, Uppada Silk is famous for its real silk, gold and zari work.  They are light in weight and look graceful. With a subtle touch of tradition, they raise the bar of feminine elegance.

So, this wedding season go for sarees!

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