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From being a shy guy to an IAS officer: Anudeep Durishetty’s story is an inspo for all!

Exclusive: Candid chat with IAS topper, Anudeep Durishetty! 

Well, Anudeep Durishetty, the UPSC topper of 2018 is taking the internet by storm from last few days. All over the country, people are pouring their best wishes on him for his tremendous success and we too would love to congratulate him for his outstanding achievement. Though he is not a ‘Sharma Ji Ka Beta’ still he is doing great in his life that by now our Indian Parents will taunt us by ‘Durishetty Ji Ka Beta’.

Anudeep shared his UPSC journey with us and said that it was quite difficult for him, but then, too his journey has made him knowledgeable and mentally tough which is really important. This was his fifth and final attempt and he had put all his efforts to clear one of the toughest exams. On asking about his feeling when he came to know that he is the topper, Anudeep was quoted saying, “Your heart starts pounding, and your mouth suddenly goes dry. Your brain finds it difficult to process any sound or voice in your surroundings. And for days you feel like it’s a long long dream and you might wake up from it anytime.”

Keep the spark alive, hence proved by Anudeep! All you need to know about his daily routine for preparation. Anudeep talks further about his daily routine for his preparation. As he was already serving as an IRS officer, so it was an impossible task for him to dedicate 8-10 hours for his preparation but he utilizes his weekends well. Instead of hanging out with his friends that most of us believe in doing, he prefers to do a self-study at home. He used to dedicate 10-12 hours on weekends.  Apart from his own hard work, he believes that his parents, teachers and his seniors at his office played a major role on his way to success. Roger Federer is his role model is none other than Roger Federer. Roger Federer is one of the best Tennis players we can have.

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Breaking the myth!

So, biggest myth is that a UPSC aspirant has to distance himself/herself from the Internet. But this young man doesn’t believe in this. For his studies, he has made extensive use of youtube and other UPSC preparing websites. He further added that he never distanced himself from social media but he was strict about not using it while preparing for it.

For a UPSC aspirant, Anudeep was quoted saying, “Your successes will not define, but how you overcome them will. So it’s okay to fail in UPSC, but please learn from them and improve.”  He shared his experience after achieving such a height in his life. He said that a lot of people were actually calling him and telling him that how his story has inspired them to overcome their own failures.  He said that this thing has made him really him.

This young lad has blessed with artistic skills too!

Our inspirational hero is a shy, introverted and nerdy kind of a person. What you people might don’t know is that despite being a UPSC topper, he is blessed with outstanding artistic skills. He loves graphite pencil sketching and he used to do a lot of portraits.  He also enjoys watching and playing football.  Apart from this, Anudeep also meditates for 20 minutes every day.

Let’s Go candid:

So in a candid conversation with him, Anudeep revealed several interesting things about him. 

1. He is not a momma’s boy as he shares a warm bond with his dad too but he said that he loves his mom most.

2. It seems like he is an adventurous person as he mentioned mountains as his favorite holiday destination.  He States ‘self-discipline’ as his strength and ‘public speaking’ as his weakness.

3. He is addicted to sports and sketching.

4. Anudeep his health conscious too. He not only dedicates his time to mediation but does a Gyming too.

The blog started by Mr. Durishetty!

Anudeep is a very generous and kind-hearted person. He started a blog on WordPress for UPSC aspirants. The objective behind his step is to help out people struggling to crack UPSC. You can follow him too! It might be helpful for you too if you have a spark to clear this exam.

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